Unfazed Underdog: Gaither’s 2021 RB/WR Jayden Mendez Has Tunnel Vision

“I am looking to prove I can play both offensive and defensive sides of the ball. I have been working hard this offseason with my trainer to get my body in good condition and stronger then I’ve ever been…” ~ Jayden Mendez, Gaither Cowboys’ ATH

Tampa, April 23, 2019- Gaither rallied another optimistic 7-4 record attaining a 6-seed first-round playoff run in 2018 and going 4-2 in their rowdy Class 7A District 8 standings. This Tuesday we give you one of the Cowboys’ rising junior stars and BCP camper, Jayden Mendez. Let’s dive into depth on what he’s doing to bring the navy silver and white back on the playoff map.

“Mainly, this past year he has shown so much dedication on and off the field. He has transformed himself physically in training outside of the high school gym so he can get his body physically conditioned for the upcoming season in August. Most importantly, he continues to keep his grades up and shows a good attitude even on the days that he is tired. I’m proud of him.”


” He has played football since the age of five. Throughout the years I have always tried to get him into other sports but he has always shown us that his love of the game of football is higher than any other sport. Yet, he has shown great athleticism in every sport he has played.” states his compassionate, backbone of a mother, Kallie Mendez.

Don’t put Jayden on the back burner of your defensive schemes or it’ll be the biggest regret of the game. This guy flies off the line of scrimmage with the same intensity every down, possesses soft hands, playing a LOT tougher than his 5’10” 160-pound frame portrays and creates unrecoverable space from his opponents; thanks to his crisp routes and eye-opening speed.

“I really enjoy being on the offensive side of the ball as a wide receiver or running back. My goal is to get into a D1 school. I know if I work hard enough that it is possible so I just keep striving to do my best and listen to the coaches as they guide me along the way,”

“I think having that title [of underdog] over me is a good thing because that is what motivates me to work harder and get better. I support my teammates in every way and look at us as a united team.” explains student-athlete Jayden Mendez wholeheartedly.

In 12 games played this past 2018 season according to MaxPreps, Jayden contributed his valuable intangibles in every facet he could in the Cowboys’ season efforts. The sophomore posted 159 rushing yards on 16 carries, averaging a first down, collected 190 receiving yards on 10 catches and tacked on 2 reception TDs; one for 40 and the other a long-haul of 57 yards, adding a couple of solo tackles to his stat-line mix as well.

“I always try to listen to my coaches and elders with an open mind. If a teammate is down or needs some encouragement I will always do my best to lift them back up and help them to try again. Making sure I do my best in the classroom, at practice and while I’m at training is what I am really focusing on at the moment,” says the offensive weapon when asked about some qualities that make him a desirable player climbing towards the next level.

The workload only gets heavier from here on out and Mendez is ready for every bit of it in any variation possible; just one more reason why he brings accountable value to this program and collegiate programs alike.

” My favorite highlight came in the Plant playoff game from this past season. I played my hardest and had some amazing plays that I’m proud of.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor