The 5 Things You Need To Know For April 24, 2019

  1. Curried G.O.A.T: Get over the hump of the week with the *second* greatest thing about Damian Lillard’s dagger through the heart of Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s hearts. Many of us on the east coast don’t have the time, nor patience, nor sleep timers to watch west coast basketball, but if you have, and Dame Dolla isn’t one of your T-5 players in the league, then you’ve been wasting your time, and sleep for the last 3 years at least. There’s backstory between Lillard and Westbrook (because of course there is when Russ is involved) and if you know about it, the shot was that much greater given the fact that Westbrook had to be taken off of Lillard in the 4th quarter due to him not being about to stop him. So there’s that. Watch the video in this tweet from Complex Sports and spot one of the greatest moments in social media history when Seth Curry gets involved, though. Happy Wednesday!

2. From Comedy to Complexity: This weekend, a huge event will take place with regards to the governance of high school sports. Sunday will begin the third meeting of four annual for the FHSAA Board of Directors. From governance, to finance, to operations, and even updates from the legal counsel will be shared and this meeting is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The board will meet at the Roger W. Hughes Building in Gainesville at the FHSAA Headquarters starting at 1pm on Sunday, with the meeting continuing at 9:00am on Monday until official business is finished. There are two links below. First, the agenda that has been put up with all of the pertinent information, PLUS the PDF containing *all* of the proposed policy changes that encompass EVERY sport and situation imaginable this time around. It’s WELL WORTH YOUR TIME to read this if you are in any way connected to the games in this state. AGENDA–> and the PROPOSED POLICY CHANGES–>

3. The Risk/Reward of Human AND Financial Investing: There may be a lot to unpack in this piece from the Wall Street Journal, but it’s beyond important to digest it as best as possible. Even if you are not involved to this extent, you may be one day, and if neither of those situations apply, the odds are you know someone who is, has, or will be going through it. Pay attention to the chances of scholarship versus the actual costs in this piece particularly.

4. Recovering from the Investment: What happens when things go awry and all of that investment doesn’t pan out like you thought it would? There’s always an option. In this piece from the Washington Post, it chronicles the life of a coach and his players at a JUCO in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Again, much like the theme for today, it’s worth your time.

5. No Hall Pass Needed: Delton Hall, Largo DT

College Coaches visiting the area looking for a 1-Tech or 2 Gap player, we know a few. 1) Delton Hall, Largo High

Posted by Big County Preps on Wednesday, April 24, 2019