The 5 Things You Need To Know For April 25, 2019

  1. The Final Draft Comes Due: The odds are (pun intended) great that you live in the sporting equivalent of under a rock or completely off the grid if you haven’t noticed that the 2019 NFL Draft begins tonight. All of the noise and paralysis-by-analysis finally comes to an end in the not-so-distant future. So let’s have some fun. Courtesy of Forbes’ Sports Playbook Newsletter comes the odds that you can “partake” in (if you so choose) concerning the draft. Strange things happen, so why not consider strange ways to make money as well?
  2. The Curious Case of Kyler: There has been enough noise to drown out a 500-peice marching band that Arizona is poised to make Kyler Murray the #1-pick this evening, but if experience has taught us anything, it’s that where all of the noise is, is where the smokescreen only begins. IF, and that’s a big if, Murray is picked first, he will have accomplished some things that even stud dual-sport athletes have not accomplished. It’s worth your time to see why he turned down $14 MILLION dollars to play baseball in order to take a shot at the league. Here’s the backstory from SI’s Robert Klemko by way of Forbes:
  3. Impressive, Even for the SEC: The haters, of which there are many, will not like this article that presents the harsh reality that the SEC is in fact the nation’s best conference without question. It doesn’t, or perhaps put a better way, IT SHOULDN’T matter at the end of the day to about this statistic since it’s been proven that the scouts will find you anywhere they can including multiple continents. In reality, it absolutely matters to folks that are in the business of the football business. Read this article about the potential flex that the SEC could make after the draft is all said and done:
  4. Riverboat Ron a la Floridian Style: Tying-in to the first article in today’s lineup, could the functionality of making money become easier or harder based on the information presented in this article? That’s for you to decide, but an important one for our governor and our legislature to sort out with the Seminole Tribe, and one that affects all Floridians from a financial standpoint potentially. It may seem a little off the grid, but trust us you’ll want to get the skinny on this one. Come for the excellent breakdown of the issue at hand, stay for the awesome reference to Sisyphus courtesy of the Sunshine State News:
  5. Just A Big Bully: Michael Gonzalez, Tampa Catholic High School, 2020