Three Ways Dr. Phillips 2022 RB, Amir Johnson Can Hurt Defenders

If asked to, “Name the most consistent high school football programs in Orland, FL” Dr. Phillips would have to be in the top 5. The Panthers have been .500 or better on the field since the 2005-2006 season. The 2020 Panthers finished 5-3 in a shortened season due to Covid-19. However, the Panthers dominated October going 4-0 in the month. But losing the final two games of the season.

Establishing the ground/running game offensively is a priority for DP and Amir Johnson, 2022 RB (5-8/175-185) is just the player to help with the task. Maxpreps shows incomplete stats for the Panthers 2020 season. With three games in the book, Johnson averaged 7 yards per carry and 64 yards per game. Watching his 2020 Hudl highlights, we identified three ways he hurts opposing defenses:

Amir Johnson carrying defenders in the red zone.

Attacks defenders – His running style is tough. Not the one to shy away from contact. Would rather punish opposing tacklers. Rarely does the first defender tackle Amir. You better bring the boys if you want to get this rolling truck on the ground.

Balance and body lean – Yards post-contact is a sign of a dominant running back. After contact Amir keeps rolling. Much due to his lower center of gravity, balance, and lean.

Deceptive speed – He doesn’t hit the hole extremely fast. He picks up pace at the second level. But, if he gets past the secondary he’s tough to catch from behind. When evaluating his film, a few times it looked as if a defender took a good angle to make a solid tackle on the sideline…”Not so fast my friend.” Johnson took away the angle and outran the defense.