BCP Camps: Six Offensive Linemen That Caught The Eye

Cristian Loaiza, Wiregrass Ranch 2022 OL – Standing at nearly 6 foot 5 inches, Cristian is hard to miss. Long arms, good feet, and a solid base, he was a pleasure to watch. Won the majority of his 1 on 1 battles showing quickness to the corner and the ability to retract and defend the inside. At times he can play high. However, that is cachable. His hand placement was good most of the day and seems to enjoy playing the position.

Burke Malmberg, Lecanto 2022 OL – Who has heard much from Lecanto the last few years? We have not. This weekend Lecanto stood up loud and proud through offensive linemen Burke Malmberg. Undersized to play on the outside as a tackle. We would love to see him at center. He’s aggressive, strong, and showed agile feet. He also has a great mullet. You can’t be a below-average offensive lineman with a mullet.

Matthew Peavley, Venice 2024 OL – He’s just a sophomore and is one of the strongest players on the team. Venice is expected to be really good again this season with a heavy emphasis on the offensive line. With a low center of gravity we think Matt could be a great combo blocker. He has good quicks and has an aggressive pass set. We like his initial punch with the ability to replace hand position. At times he was smooth and fluid. Really like his hips and bend.

Bryce Canterbury, Seffner Christian 2022 OL – A nice, lean frame with plenty of room to put on muscle. Super long reach. Showed good balance and somewhat of a nastyness. At times he lunged and played outside of his frame. Nothing dramatic though. Good arm extension and solid hand placement.

Teddy Powell, Palmetto 2023 OL 5’9 280 – Put them paws on them Teddy. Not the be mistaken as cute and cuddly, Powell was on his grizzly this past weekend. This clip alone might be cause for concern for future opponents.

D’Arren Vilsaint, Lakeland 2022 OL – Arguably to most impressive of the offensive linemen. He was big, lower body strong, could bend, steer and had good balance. Played with a wide base, survived in a confined area and dominated every defensive lineman who challenged him. He understands leverage, reacts well and played with a good pad level.