The Breakdown: Peyton Xayasone, Countryside

Peyton Xayasone, Countryside 2Quick player breakdown on Peyton Xayasone, Countryside, 2018, ATH-D (OLB/S)

Countryside plays some man to man. Not a bunch. College coaches want to know and see secondary players in man to man coverage. This is one big reason why secondary players camp as they do. To display their man to man skills. Check this off the list for Peyton. Good hips, good feet and good initial quickness. Can blanket tight ends and run with more skillful receivers…He displays on film his man to man ability in addition to what we have observed in our camp setting.

Good zone players have to be able to react to their keys and reads along with anticipating routes and throws. Judgement is key! Because Peyton typically plays the strong safety position he shows his understanding of hook, curl and flat drops underneath with his ability to play the deep quarters, half and the single high safety.

Good football players have great awareness. No matter the position. It’s about recognizing what’s developing or what is happening. Reaction, reaction, reaction…With little wasted movements. Maybe his best ability. Smart player, disciplined and finds the football.

Yes he can. Yes he can locate the ball, no matter the throw. Seems simple right? Not so much. Many players have issues locating the ball in flight and adjusting to the ball and timing up his jump to make a play. Athleticism…His athleticism will allow him to flourish as he sees more snaps at linebacker.

Temperament and tenacity who will strike ball carriers. Whether in run support, pass coverage, blitzing the passer or chasing down the ball carrier, Peyton is a physical football player. Technique sound, always in good football position and attacks the ball from every angle.