The 5 Things You Need To Know For March 21, 2019

  1. MESSAGE PART 2: Now THAT is more like it. Yesterday we referenced the NCAA’s insanely, well, insane video on social media that tried to follow a student-athlete through their “daily routine” and how out-of-touch it truly was. Well, thankfully social media came to the rescue. Specifically, Emmanuel Acho came to the rescue.
  2. MARCH MADNESS: This is March Madness of en entirely different kind. This isn’t about a 16-seed beating a 1-seed kind of madness. This is about literal anger towards the amount of tomfoolery that is plaguing college sports nowadays.
  3. THIS IS TOO REAL: So Alek Thomas is an Arizona Diamondbacks prospect and had himself a day against the Chicago White Sox recently in Spring Training. One small issue? His father Allen, is in the dugout as a coach for the Sox. Watch this video courtesy of ESPN after son hits a homer against the old man’s squad. This is too good.

4. HEAD ON A SWIVEL: This is an important reminder that sometimes nature teaches you some of the best lessons in life. It’s also a “gentle” reminder that life comes at you fast on special teams, and your assignments must be kept in spite of it.

5. SHOUTOUT TO THE SOCCER HOUNDS: It may have happened in late February in DeLand, but a *major* shoutout goes to the Auburndale Boys Soccer team on earning their #3 ranking in the nation after an absolute gauntlet they had to run to win the whole thing in Class 4A. They beat Freedom 2-1, Sickles 6-3, Melbourne 3-1, Fletcher 3-0, and Ft. Lauderdale 5-3 in 2OT’s. Those last 3 opponents alone are insane, and the Bloodhounds sniffed them all out and can literally call themselves one of the best teams in the nation. In fact, beating Melbourne AND Fletcher should earn them a second ring off merit alone. WELL DONE LADS!

6. PAY ATTENTION: Isaiah Brown, Hernando, 2020, TE