The SIX Things You Need To Know For March 22, 2019

  1. Somebody check on Joe Haden: Keenan Allen should face some sort of punishment for sending this man completely out of the frame. Joe Haden IS a fantastic athlete AND can hold his own, but holy smokes this is one for the ages. This is also what it looks like when the wife suggests we can hit up the BBQ joint instead of heading to Cracker Barrel.

2. Big Bank Take Little Bank: Goodness gracious this is a lot of money. They aren’t even trying to deny that it’s somewhat of a problem anymore. They’re just living blissfully ignorant.

3. Turn This Car Around, NOW: Another interesting article is a predominantly *business publication* would have such a take on which coaches need to right the ship in a hurry. This one might spark some debate, or you may simply find it spot-on, but either way, it’s something to take note of….

4. Oh Dear, This Doesn’t Look Good: We are just going to leave this one right here and let you begin your own search for what you think happened. This is a well-known coach with well-known skeletons leading a nationally-known program where the optics appear to be win at all costs. This isn’t the first terrible story to come out of Colquitt County nor will it be the last we are afraid.

5. Fun With Numbers: Here’s an awesome snapshot using a pretty cool format to breakdown the games from the first day of March Madness. Enjoy!

6. The Dirty Cougar: Wyatt Lawson, Durant High School, 2021, OL