The 5 Things You Need To Know For March 20, 2019

  1. MESSAGE: While you can’t take your eyes off this emaciated version of Brother Love (google him or ask an old WWF head) acting as if he has scorpions inserted into his suit, please let us pay attention to the content of this tweet. Some of y’all WR’s should be personally offended by this, because as Dwight Schrute says, “it’s true.” Do better. In fact there should be rules about triple/quadruple moves at camps. Go audition for Broadway with those moves, but don’t bring that nonsense to the field. You don’t even have time to do that in 7-on-7, much less your QB having enough time to write “War and Peace” while you gyrate down the field.

2. WELP: Reason #5,756,000 why things are screwed up. Couple this article from Forbes with that fugazi video of the day in the life of the student-athlete from the NCAA’s social media page and what you have is LITERALLY the most tone-deaf organization on the planet–at this current time.

3. Goodness Gracious: Unless you’ve been under a rock or disconnected from your devices the past 36hrs, you’ve probably seen this article. If you haven’t, then goodness gracious there’s a lot to unpack here. Great job by Hero Sports breaking this down, because 2019’s stories and content already needs to take a 20-second timeout and catch it’s breath.

4. DO THE DANG THING DELAWARE STATE: This article only scratches the surface on the research and time spent at DSU on this topic, but if they can accurately predict or even come *close* to getting a good read on situations that end up in injury versus situations that are much more safer and preventative, then this is a pretty big deal. Scratch that, it’s absolutely groundbreaking and worthy of some serious accolades.

5. Arrogance is a Lifestyle, Ignorance is a Choice: If you aren’t tracking these stories coming from all over where people are getting exposed for terrible things and for their attempt to undermine what *WAS LEFT* of the philosophy about working hard in your sport, getting good grades, etc, then you probably should. Granted, it’s not the ideal subject matter, but the constant reminder that everything is not what it seems should be just that–constant. This story by J. Brady McCollough from the LA Times is beyond fascinating, and yet, the surface is only scratched. Please read this—>

6. The best quarterback prospect you haven’t heard about: Rent Montie, Clearwater, 2020