The 5 Things To Know For January 28, 2019

It’s a Monday, and a cold one at that, not an ideal combo for any occasion. THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S TIME TO LOLLYGAG PEOPLE! Sorry for yelling. Let’s plow through this Monday like it’s a plate of burnt ends, collards, and mac and cheese, shall we?

  1. LET’S GOOOOOOO!: You need a little more motivation? Fine. Here’s some video of a freshman from Union County High School in Lake Butler throwing up 355lbs like it’s light work. Well done, young lady!
  2. Crusading in the Big Apple: Great piece on Kevin Knox from a couple of weeks ago, that’s worth your time. This young man has truly done everything right thus far —>
  3. A Brief Reminder: There’s little to no excuse for simply refusing to play multiple sports in this day and age. We recognize that you may not be any good at those other sports, but that’s a separate issue. Here’s Christian McCaffrey stating the obvious–>
  4. A Trend Worth Following: You want the *actual* proof that the NFL is a business? Then you’re encouraged to read this article from the AP’s Mark Long. This has been going on for quite some time, and the players thought they had rectified some of this in the last collective bargaining agreement. It’s assured that this is going to be at the crux of the next major CBA. Something of interest, former Raiders CEO Amy Trask (@AmyTrask) tweeted: “Always consider the law of unintended consequences: during negotiations it was explained to us that players wanted a structure that paid less to rookies so more would be available for veterans, but this has worked to the disadvantages of veterans.” For more on THAT thread, go to her tweet and join in on the discussion AFTER you read this article, however–>
  5. YOU STILL NEED MOTIVATION?: You still need someone to set the tempo for you? Okay, cool. Here’s a 4yr-old absolutely GETTIN’ IT for some tempo. Peep the base player in the background and his reaction towards the end where he completely gives up and recognizes greatness. Happy Monday!