The 5 Things You Need To Know For January 29, 2019

We’ve reached tough times in the kingdom, folks. It’s been like, a week, or what feels like a year, since we’ve been able to bust out the flip-flops. Thoughts and well-wishes in this trying time are appreciated.

  1. Ed Reed is a man of principle: Here’s a minute of Ed Reed breaking down the ingredients to the secret sauce. Often, social media has a way of painting a “look at me for doing something I’m SUPPOSED to be doing” picture, but not exactly in this case. Listen to the *WHY* that Ed Reed gives for his actions in the locker room, and perhaps you can gain the kind of perspective that separates the men from the boys.

2. Say “HI” to the RPI: The FHSAA Board of Directors passed the new playoff format by an 11-3 margin yesterday, sparking numerous reactions from outlets (and coaches/fans/etc.) across the state. There will be plenty of time to discuss and dissect the pros and cons of the new system. There are some good things that will come from this in our minds. The retroactive “reward” via the bonus points is gone and that’s a good thing. The ability to PROVE that your 10-0 is different from another program’s 10-0 is now in-place. But that’s not where things take a little turn. One of the votes against the new system came from Hillsborough County. Plant’s Athletic Director Lauren Otero along with one of the AD’s from Miami-Dade made a decision that we know is in the best interests of those constituencies they represent. What’s sad is that these are the realities they represent. Looking at the *why* is easy to discern. Schools in Hillsborough have little-to-no control over their weekly fates and with Plant’s new 8A district containing schools that would’ve hurt the Panthers under this format last season, it was essentially a no-win situation. Plant’s not alone in this catch-22. Far from it. The FHSAA did (sort of) shoot their shot across the bow when they broke up several all-Hillsborough teams and put them into multiple-county districts. We feel that these multiple county districts (especially 7A-9) will prove that geography wins at the gate regardless of the county. The situation cannot–and will not–improve until major changes philosophically are made. Hillsborough’s not the only county in our area that approaches their scheduling in a matter that hurts their teams collectively, let’s make that crystal clear. But when you’re the 8th largest district in the entire United State of America, you bear the responsibility of being a leader, not a follower.

3. Lighten up, Francis: Okay so that last one was a bit heavy, but here’s something for you Patriots, and even for you Scarlet Knights out there. Nice article about the McCourty Twins on this morning. It’s obviously pretty cool that the two are playing in the game together, but man….how do you think Mama must feel like? That’s all kinds of awesome. Here’s the article—>

4. Cunningham, cunning-can: East Lake’s got a nice prospect on their roster over in north Pinellas. The 5-10/170lb safety had a very nice outing at the E7 event a couple of weeks ago. He also posted a very nice outing for the 2018 season. Cunningham finished his sophomore season with 59 tackles–40 solo–along with a tackle for loss, an interception, and 2 passes defensed. Keep your eyes, ears, and computers open for this young man as we move forward.

5. Presented *with* comment: Okay. So each and every day in this paradise we live in, there is further proof that either we’re all getting ready to depart this place in the most stupid of ways, and that we’ve found the perfect visual description for the way things are going in their current state. Is this a video of what it feels like when grown men tweet at recruits? Is this a video of FSU/UF/Miami fans on social media and life in general? Is this a video of a QB trainer showcasing a new method? Is this “throwing darts” on a whole ‘nother level? Is this a visualization of UCF’s entire fanbase and alumni network versus everybody? The answer to all these questions is yes. FWIW…dude on the right throws absolute lasers. Sean McVay just hired him, and now he’s already been poached, and just-named the head coach of the Jaguars. Happy Tuesday everyone!