The 5 Things To Know for January 25, 2019
  1. WORDS HURT Y’ALL: Barry Brown is not here for the foolishness. Regardless if it’s his head coach employing whatever motivational tactic he sees fit. Even though it seems to work, since Brown is averaging nearly 16 points a game this season, we can understand why he’s so vexed. Let ’em know where you from, Mr. Brown, and put some respek on St. Pete’s name.
  2. Pardon the Cynicism: NCAA President Mark Emmert was in Orlando yesterday speaking on a variety of topics, most notably, the emergence of esports, diversity among staffs within coaching and administrative roles, and the 2-ton elephant in the room, gambling. Emmert’s main focus was to use the word “values” as many times as possible, and while that may be a nice thing to hear, the NCAA leaves many of us contorting our heads like a confused German Shepherd puppy in countless situations, many of them values-based. For more, read the article from the AP’s Tim Reynolds:
  3. Gas up the ride: If you need a last-minute idea for yourselves and the kiddos for entertainment this weekend, check what’s going on in Cape Canaveral tomorrow. Paul George, a native of Palmdale, California is releasing his new PG3 shoes called “NASA” and since his hometown is an instrumental part of the space program, he’s teamed up with the Kennedy Space Center for something awesomely unique. Starting at 1:00pm, Lakeland Christian will face Oviedo’s The Master’s Academy and they will be followed by a district showdown between Chaminade Madonna and nationally-ranked University School at 3:00pm. The catch? The games will be played outdoors *literally* in the shadows of actual rockets and space exploration vehicles in the Florida sunshine. Best part is the first 600 folks are FREE aaaaannnnnddd you get access to the park afterwards. U-School has a nationally televised ESPN game tonight versus Sonrise Christian from Kansas, and then will be bussing up to the frigid north of Brevard County, so is there an upset in the making? WHO CARES?!? Go check this event out if you can.
  4. HAPPY TGIF, OCHO!: Well, it looks like Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco is having the most-glorious of starts to the weekend already. Around 8:30am this morning he tweeted out a gem: “FBI arrested my neighbor Roger before my morning jog. I’ve only seen s*** like that in movies, crazy start to my Friday.” There’s so much to unpack here that Spirit and Allegiant Airlines just charged us $70 for the baggage on general principle alone. The Roger he is referring to is Roger Stone, a close confidant of the President of the United States. It begs to wonder if old Rog was watching Ocho’s fish and pets while 85 is out of town handling business, and if Chad needs a new petsitter. The least surprising thing in ALL OF THIS is that they were neighbors, and that they lived in Broward County. Sheesh, this revelation could provide an entire years’ worth of material in and of itself. Twitter is free, y’all.
  5. NO CONTEXT NEEDED: Here’s 2:30 of something you didn’t know you wanted, until you found out it’s the only thing you need to head into the weekend. As a side note–folks 35+ old…how do we explain this man to anyone under the age of 21?