Tampa Catholic Elevates Loyal Coach up the Crusader Totem Pole

Tampa, July 11, 2018- “Giving effort, playing to whistle, physicality, working hard, and being accountable and disciplined are the key things that will never change…” ~New Head Coach Jeris Mclntyre.

Coming off a fruitful 7-4 2017 season, Tampa Catholic has continued to flourish using their size and depth at the respected positions on both sides of the ball and under the long-term dedicated coaching staff. Coach Mclntyre is moving up in the ranks thanks to his devoted reputation- an appropriate and well-deserved position, so with that being said, here are some shared thoughts from the new man in charge.

“I know what it’s about to be a Crusader and I’m excited for the next step. To teach from where I graduated from- I’m very happy for the opportunity. The season is about to start rolling, so we’re getting this football team prepared for the season in every way possible. Definitely excited for talent we have around us and just have to put it together as one unit; ultimately the task at hand is to win football games.

It’s a variety I’ve learned from Coach Gregory that will help me, watched things he’s done as well as my old coach Bob Henrique; they’ve made this organization successful over the years, and I’m just trying to build off it and continue the success. We’re grinding the same, I want to pick up the tempo and pace so we’re prepared and in shape ready to throw on the pads week one. Being able to see my young men achieve their goals and educate themselves- the satisfaction of seeing them grow and win football games dominantly and go on to thrive in college is what I love most about Crusader Nation,” former WR Coach/New Head Coach Jeris Mclntyre explains enthusiastically.

Overall, esteemed novel Head Coach Jeris Mclntyre is assuming his role graciously and is eager to put his unit at the forefront to insure they reach the accolades they seek- with the proper mentoring anything is within their tenacious grasp.