Armwood’s Forerunner Dwayne Wells Jr Taking on a Bigger Role

Seffner, July 7, 2018 – “My season goal is to help my team win at all costs…”

After nearly a perfect seamless 14-1 and 5-0 district run in the 2017 season, the Hawks are fully equipped once again for Round 2, knocking on the State Cup’s door determinedly. Corner Back and Free Safety Dwayne Wells Jr is going to do everything in his power to make that a reality, with his relentless work ethic and his priorities straight, with his heart is set on soaring above expectations in his senior debut as he wears the blue, black and maroon one last time.

“I have learned a lot from past players I’ve played with. I’m way more aggressive as a player this season than last but I still have a lot in my game that could be better. I would like to improve my ball skills. Defensively. Everyone contributes in their own way; I believe my best attribute is coverage wide man or zone. I’m very focused- I take pride in everything I do on and off the football field. I’m not scared to fail, failing only makes me a better person and athlete. I use all the negative things from people as my fuel to work even harder and excel,” Dwayne exclaims firmly.

The hard grind continues to outwork talent, and persistence is key. Dwayne has a strong mindset and mature demeanor, adding to that with a great frame standing at 6’ 190 pounds, he’s capable of high pointing the ball and contesting opponents as he snatches it out of their grasp in mid-air. Never afraid to put his body on the line with belligerent field presence, Wells collected 8 total tackles, 5 solos, approximately a tackle per game, and a fumble recovery in his junior campaign.

Dwayne goes on to state, “The main goal is to win all our games and get that State Title. My motivation is my parents; I want them to see me do BIG things in my life so I can make them proud. As far as pro players go, I’m not going to make any comparisons but I will say my favorite player of all-time is Sean Taylor, I love watching videos of how he played the game. My season goal is to help my team win at all costs, do my job and limit mistakes. Goals, after I graduate are to go to a college where most importantly I would have a great education and to further my football career.”

All said and done, I believe the odds are more in Armwood’s favor than not, and secondary work-horse Dwayne Wells Jr personifies what it means to be a selfless teammate as he leaves his final imprint as a Hawk. He says it best, “No luck, just Blessings!”