Plant High Panther’s Rare Species of Prolific QB’s

Tampa, July 11, 2018 – Just how GREAT can they be you ask? Well follow me into the world of stats and records as we delve into the past and dig up the previous five Quarterback’s that left an imprint in the Black & Gold as a Plant Panther.

Jordan McCloud– Listed at 6’1” 180 pounds, Jordan has the build of a pure athlete, and a pure athlete he is indeed, showing of his versatility for the Panthers as they closed out with an overall record of 12-2 and again an undefeated 6-0 record in districts. In his Plant career, McCloud threw for 2,426 yards on 295 attempts, completed 160 of those passes, totaled 201.3 YPG, put up 26 TD’s- 6 with his feet, rushing for 389 yards, had a few tackles mixed in there, accumulated 392 All-purpose yards and posted a 94.0 QBR! His best in-game performance was showcased in a 36-0 blow-out against Sickles, where only in his 4th game of the year as a starter, he went 12 for 17 throwing for 201 yards, tallied 4 scores, a long-ball of 53 and posted a nearly perfect QBR of 149.8!

Dane Frantzen – For the the 2016 BCP Player of the year, we refer you HERE

Rex Culpepper- Rex had a staggering next-level frame, at 6’3” 225 pounds; in his final campaign Plant went 9-3, recording a perfect 6-0 run in districts and he totaled 2,145 passing yards on 152 completions of 248 attempts, maintained 112.9 PYG, posted 21 touchdowns, showing off some mobility with 6 scores of his own collecting 287 All-purpose yards and 102.3 QBR throughout his HSFB career. Perhaps his top presentation of his skill-set surfaced verse Robinson in a 46-18 win in which Culpepper completed over half his passes going 14 for 22, throwing for 212 yards, averaging 15.1, putting on a touchdown CLINIC with 5 total and a 134.8 QBR!

Colby Brown- The 6’1” 200-pound veteran led Plant to yet another positive record season wrapping up the year at 11-3-1 and gave opponents a run for their money going 5-0 in districts. Colby racked up 5,009 passing yards with 395 completions on 684 attempts, 156.5 PYG, 46 scores, 3 on foot, a long-ball haul of 92 yards, 150 All-purpose and a QBR of 89.7 in his career as a Panther. He also had 22 interceptions compared to Culpepper’s 9 and Jordan’s 12; taking the completion to attempt ratio into consideration, the more shots you take the more risk you make! Either way, all of these guys have big-time numbers filling up their stat sheets and were definitely utilized to their full capabilities.

QB James Few- Two-sport athlete James Few crushed national averages during the course of his football career, especially in his concluding 2011-2012 senior season with the aide 110-man depth in the roster Plant was able to pull off a virtually flawlessyear closing out at 14-1 and 3-0 in districts! Amassing 2,744 yards in the air, completing 175 of 275 attempts, a lump sum of 32 TD’s, 88.5 PYG, a QBR of 112.8 and adding to that with 253 All-purpose yards in his career books. James highest game numbers presented themselves undeniably in a 48-6 win against Alonso, where James went 17 for 21 with an .81 completion rate, 2 scores with a long-ball of 72 and 153 QBR! His first and last games of the season where the only two games in which he didn’t throw for 100-200+ yards, impressive stat-line to say the least!

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor