Swain: Pinellas County 6-2 DB great frame and ability

James Swain, Northeast

James Swain, Northeast 2014 (6’2 172) safety is compressed on a Northeast roster between a bunch of talented players. When you think of the Northeast Vikings, you probably think of the playoff team, led by Ryan Davis and big playmaker Keith Harrington. An offensive minded team that can score and score fast with style points. Add Donterio Fowler, Darruis Lacy and Sekendic Biddens to the mix and the Vikings have a handful of players that can score at any time from any where on the field.

On the other side of the ball, the 7-4 Vikings allowed 22 points per game and 4 games holding their opponent under 13 points. If rising senior defensive back, James Swain would have played the majority of the season, would the defense have been stronger? We will never know. But what we do know is, James Swain is a rangy, roving DB. Very long arms and has the abiltty to play man to man press coverage.

At the end of the question and answer section below, you will see Swain’s highlights from this past spring game vs Gibbs. In a loss, he was super active, always around the ball and has a great feel for the game. Their opponent did not throw down field much, but when they did, Swain covered a lot of ground and wanted to make plays.

He expresses that he is getting recruiting attention, but not a ton. He is 6-2, runs well and can cover in man to man. All which will make him more attractive to college football programs.

What interest do you currently have from colleges?
JS: Memphis and Ball State show a lot of interest.

What are your summer team and personal goals?
JS: Get team on the same page so we can get better as a unit and show more leadership around my team.

What do you feel was your weakness last season?
JS: My weakness last season was me getting hurt second game and being out for the season.

What have you done to make that weakness a strength?
JS: I’ve done a lot of strength training to strengthen my legs.

Have you camped or visited any college campuses this summer so far?
JS: No I haven’t.

What is your dream college and why?
LSU because they have a strong DB fan base, a lot support there and my favorite player (Eric Reid) went there.

Outside of football, what is the MOST interesting thing the public does not know about you?
JS: I like to be active and go play basketball because it helps with my conditioning and jumping.