Ryan Davis: Up the Game and Up the Growth

RYAN DAVIS, LAKEWOOD 2015 prospect is currently 5-3 this season as the starter of the Lakewood Spartans. A shaky start to a season filled with promise. A start with a few talented players choosing not to play football for Lakewood. That shaky start is starting to smooth out and the Spartans are playing some good football and have been much more balanced offensively than year’s past. One big reason, the ability and maturity of senior QB, Ryan Davis

So far this year, Davis has 1308 pass yards, 163.5 ypg, .519 comp %, 15 pass TDs, 882 rush yards, 10 rush TDs. Not too shabby for a young man who is currently 5th in the BCP Player of the Year race. None would be possible without his family, team, coaches and growth as a player and young man during his high school career. “These past four years I’ve grown tremendously by realizing how important it is to watch film putting in the extra time and always separating myself from others and creating a brand of my own and keeping a good name”

The good name Davis has kept has put him in a unique position that any high school player would want to be in. He has several major division 1 universities after him, trying to be the one school to land a commitment and get Davis to play college football for them.

Davis currently has no top schools, “But loving Florida State, Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, Ole Miss. And Texas Tech.” Said Ryan. At this point he has no official visits schedule and likely will make visits after the conclusion of the 2014 season.

Davis has won plenty of games over his career. He started as a true freshman at quarterback for Northeast before transferring to Lakewood his junior year. As well as Davis has played in the past, this may be his best season. When we asked him if it was, this was his response, “Yes! Because my understanding of the game and becoming a student of it, also getting ready for college. My game has transformed!”