Pound For Pound Sound: Palmetto Thriving With Hungry Playmakers

Palmetto, May 29, 2019- The Tigers have accumulated an indubitable amount of success throughout Dave Marino’s decade tenure or so as the program’s head coach, (65-35 all-time W/L record) with no losing seasons in the mix; and they haven’t looked back since. This season, the team rallied to 8-4 overall with second-round playoff contention and were ranked 53rd in the state of Florida. Among their chippy and merciless Class 7A standings, Palmetto ranks 6th of 87 teams in Points For (513) and 2nd in Points For (216, 3-2 record) out of 6 teams in their district 11 division.

Today, we dig deep with another BCP program-insider sound bite for your listening pleasure. I got a chance to converse with head coach Dave Marino about his longevity of consistent positive seasons, as well as what’s ahead for the boys making big plays in the red black and white this year.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor