The Hunt: Auburndale Sniffing Out Playmakers

Auburndale, May 30, 2019- Happy Friday everyone. With a couple of days left until our annual Summer E7TC camp series this Sunday, we bring you more audio from a fellow local program in the Bloodhounds for your last weekday. The boys in the royal blue and gold haven’t had a ton of prominent success over the years, with only a few victories to show for this past season. But, the only thing constant is change, so with some fresh guidance from head coach Kyle Sasser and his familiar staff, some light can be shed towards a more positive narrative.

I got the pleasure to talk one on one with first-year head coach, Kyle Sasser who moved up the coaching chain ranks from his time with Auburndale last year as a defensive coordinator. Here is yet another in-depth interview, speaking this time on Auburndale’s new-found demeanor as the “offseason” shifts gears; piecing together the raw, untapped capabilities of this youthful squad.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor