Audio On Audio: Pasco Pirates Going Back To The Basics

Dade City, May 24, 2019- In the Pirates’ quest for a fresh start, they’ve brought on some experienced help to get out of the negative, seasonal funk they’ve been temporarily plagued with. The team only had a couple wins on paper this past year (2-8, granted there was less than a full roster with only 41 players on the field); the last time wins outweighed losses came in the 6-4 2014 season. Among these things, head coach Jason Stokes is certainly ready to give people something to talk about this 2019 season.

As I spoke with the program’s newest captain in head coach Stokes, who stepped foot on campus shortly after 2019 commenced; he explained that progression has been on the up n’ up and fundamentals are being prioritized.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor