NoFlyZone: 2021 Venice DB Charles Brantley

“We are going to have one of the best secondaries in the state… I feel great to be an Indian!” ~ Charles ‘Chuck’ Brantley, Venice Indian DB

Venice, July 24, 2019- Today we bring you yet another BCP camper, this time on the defensive side of the ball who’s stirring up some next-level chatter; listed as the 18th cornerback in the country (rivals rank) with ten offers and counting as an incoming junior. Charles recently transferred from the Riverview Rams to the Venice Indians, and this pairing has the potential to create arguably one of the best secondaries in the state. Here’s an inside look into what the hungry defensive back has accomplished thus far and what things he’s doing right on his journey to keep recruiters gawking at his elite level of play.

“I mean you never know who’s working when I’m not working I feel there are other people trying to take my place, so I continue working. Me personally, I think DB is the hardest position on the field, despite the quarterback position, you have to have a short-term memory. Everyone can be a wide receiver or running back but, there are very few people built for the DB Position.” Exclaims Charles, in regards to advice towards up n’ coming defensive backs. 

The 6’1” 160-pound student-athlete and incoming junior soon to be holding down the green and white’s outer edges, also puts academics as a main focal point; sustaining a 3.2 GPA. According to his second-year human highlight reel, Brantley’s intuitive ball-hawk trait and highly sought-after awareness has helped him come down with 9 eye-opening INTERCEPTIONS (good for seven more than his freshie year debut), forced 2 fumbles, collected 4 fumble recoveries, 2 secured from special teams, and 3 count em’ THREE blocked field goals. In his first six games played per MaxPreps data, he posted 13 solo and 14 total tackles with 1 TFL. 

The four-star DB (rivals rank) stated tenaciously, “I want to prove how hard I work and to look more the part. I want to have more big hits, force fumbles and set the interception record at Venice high school.”

Safe to say his current track record certainly backs that attainable goal up and his ethic will undoubtedly mold well with the Venice mentality.

“When I’m at camps I evaluate myself like I find everything I do wrong and just work on it myself. I continue to work on my craft because I’m not a big corner I’m long and cut with good technique, so I use that as an advantage no one will catch a ball on me without working for it,” says Brantley about his BCP Super 60 experience and in general about offseason skill-boosting events. 

“I have Pittsburgh I like them a lot, but I’m not leaning on anything right now; I want to wait out my options and enjoy the process. I learned that patience is the key to recruitment- offers are going to come, you just have to show coaches why you deserve the offer and just continue to work even harder,”

Brantley locks up a wide variety of route tree’s that receiver’s throw at him, courtesy of one of his main virtue’s as a top 2021 athlete- patience that is not easily surprised. His point of attack is seemingly always impeccably executed, whether it be a textbook tackle or being at the right place at the right time, having the ball fall right into his hands. His tape is truly stacked with game-defining plays, controlling the tempo and shifting the tone in his team’s favor; his limits are endless with two thrilling seasons left to leave his mark.

The star-studded corner wraps up, talking expectations and identity of the defense this season. “We are going to have one of the best secondaries in the state and I see why they were winning a lot because of the work ethic and we are very disciplined.”

“Everything we do is as a team- we hit the weights hard and get the best out of everyone; I see a state championship in the team this season. I had to adapt to the program (upon arriving after the spring game this year, before summer workouts started he informed me), but I adapted and I feel great to be an INDIAN!”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor