Frontline Model: Manatee’s 2021 OT Charles Armstrong Setting The Stage

Bradenton, July 21, 2019- Happy Friday people. We’re rolling into the weekend featuring the second offensive camper and athlete we alluded to yesterday. Let’s get to know Hurricanes’ rising junior and student-athlete, who’s obtained eleven D1 offers (and counting, with two of his prime years left to compete) after wrapping up his sophomore season in the red, white and blue.

“I’m focused on accomplishing new goals both in the weight room and on the field. Some of the goals include getting stronger, faster, and having better footwork, it’s all in the details. I’m excited to be apart of a team with talented athletes, and I’m excited to hit the field so we can “be great” together. My favorite part about being an offensive lineman is the challenge of beating my opponent.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to play against some skilled defensive lineman. Being a skilled position player most of my youth years, I understood the need of the offensive line, but not until I had to play the position, did I understand what they were doing and how important their blocking meant to the team’s success,” states the left tackle pancaking defenders for Manatee.

Charles possesses staggering next-level size as a 6’5″ 265-pound brick wall of a lineman, with violent hands at the point of attack and solid base cleared a vast amount of real estate for his team’s ground game (151.7 season rushing YPG). It’s clear as day, Armstrong understands the who, what where, when, how, and why of every great lineman’s responsibilities, including a slight ‘drop-step’ to gain maximum leverage and balance on his opponents. After he’s steam-rolled you to the other sideline on the run-block or stuffed you in pass protection, he never fails to finish the assignment with a flat pancake block.

“We have a lot of talent and we’ve been putting in hard work to have a solid start to the upcoming season. The ultimate goal is States, but first, we have to dominate our opponents until then. Playing every Friday is awesome, but looking back and learning on how to be better and making adjustments to achieve greatness is my focus.”

“I really enjoyed being at the BCP Super 60 camp, I appreciate the chance to participate. The best part for me was going against the D-Line and experiencing new drills.”

“Recruiting process for me is going well and I’m blessed. I’ve learned that if you don’t put your all into it or have the grades, it doesn’t matter how good of an athlete you are.” The student comes first in ‘student-athlete’ after all and Armstrong’s early acknowledgment for quick wits both academically, and on the gridiron aided him greatly in receiving nation-wide attention from the likes of University of Central Florida, Iowa State, University of South Carolina, University of Cincinnati, Tulane University, University of Illinois, Coastal Carolina University, Liberty University, Rutgers University, Western Kentucky University, and University of Pittsburgh.

The highly-acclaimed prospect closes simply, “The best piece of advice I took to the heart was that I can be the number one player in the country if I applied myself and put in the work. My favorite part about being at Manatee is being apart of an amazing organization with the great coaching staff and great players.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor