Dual-Threat: 2020 Victory Christian Academy WR/SS Keyshawn Covington

“I feel like this season will be the best season for me and not just me, my teammates also… working hard so the guys and I can get married In December” ~ Wide receiver and strong safety, Keyshawn Covington talking State Championship aspirations.

Lakeland, July 30, 2019- TGIF folks. We’re jumping into the end of your week with a double-sided student-athlete and BCP camper, Keyshawn Covington. This upcoming senior wide receiver and safety will make you dance off the line and ring your bell, all.game.long. Here are some shared thoughts from the upcoming senior’s POV, what’s ahead for him and the team, and accolades in his time spent with the VCA Storm.

“I feel as if I love all my teammates and feel like we’re going to have a great season! As long as we block the edge, [Cornelius] Shaw can run the ball on anyone. My passion for this game and the knowledge I have is what stands out because everyone can make a play, but climbing towards a collegiate level, can’t ask for anything better,” states Keyshawn in regards to what separates him as a next-level candidate.

“We’re ready- I can see it in everybody eyes they’re hungry and when [D-line and linebacker] Coach Nick turns the boys up, it’s running clock from there, 100%. My ability to play defense I feel like people don’t really acknowledge, but we got some house calls coming this year me and my boy (defensive back), Caleb Poe.

… Ed Reed is someone I looked up to coming up, he was just always around and consistent; film also helped his game a lot so I try to watch as much film as possible.” 

Keyshawn, standing at 6’0 180-pounds (great frame for his respected positions), is never timid to lay the wood and knock anybody on their back- as he so kindly displays in a variety of hard knocks on tape.

Covington and the team are no strangers to winning either (after all, it’s in the program’s name). Since Victory Christian’s establishment in 2006 (went 10-4 overall their first year as State Runner Ups!) they’ve only posted two negative seasons (2007: 5-6 district runner-up, 2012: 4-6), brought home the Class 2A State Title in 2014 (13-1 season overall, State Runner Ups at 10-4 in 2013), and have achieved district and regional champions for three consecutive years starting in the 2016 season (10-2 16′, 10-2 17′, 11-2 18′).

The pass-catcher who lurks in the secondary continues, reflecting on his camp workout and some keys to performing on both ends, “BCP Super 60 was a great experience, it taught me to step up, lead, and hold my teammates accountable. Stay hydrated, watch film, take care of your body and have fun!” 

Out wide, he has fluent footwork to complement his quickness and crisp routes; leaving defender’s planted in their shoes at the line of scrimmage, preparing mentally for the next play. Stats-wise, in six games, played according to MaxPreps and film, he recorded 78 yards on 7 catches, averaging 11.1 yards per catch, tacking on a pair of receiving scores, defended a couple of passes and added some valiant kick return yards as a junior.


The tweener football talent closes surely, “Recruiting wise, I have a lot to prove this upcoming season so just stay tuned! Me being a senior now, I feel like it’s no stopping me! I’m going to be coming in with that on my mind and just flat-out make plays.” 

“I feel like this year will be the best season for me and not just me, my teammates also; I plan on working hard with my team so the guys and I can get married in December.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor