2020 Calvary Christian DE/LB David Crossan Keeping Tradition of Undeniable Faith Alive and Well

“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6:12 ~ A live-by scripture, David Crossan, Calvary Christian Warriors

Clearwater, July 31, 2019- The Warriors are shaping up to be a potential double-digit winning program, notwithstanding wrapping up this past 2018 season at a neutral 6-6 overall. It can be argued that history tends to repeat itself sure, or that they’re not working with 60-man+ roster depth fine, but there’s no shortage of heart and grit from this god-fearing group and that goes the extra mile ten times out of ten. Let’s dive into some thoroughly shared insight and facts from the soon-to-be senior with a mature demeanor, forging Calvary’s path to possible playoff contention.

“I was really a baseball player from when I was seven years old, to sophomore year at Calvary as a pitcher. I didn’t start playing football until freshman year of high school, despite being from a football family. My grandfather played with the Redskins and his last coach was Vince Lombardi; My father played D-3 football in Pennsylvania. My first season playing football I did not play much on JV as a 5’9” 145-pound defensive lineman. I grew to 6’0″ sophomore year and played center, DE, & long snapper as co-captain on JV.

… This past junior year I grew three more inches, started to hit the weight room, and really began to focus on football. I started at defensive end and played center the last four games of the season when our center went down. Junior year is when I really fell in love with the game. Outside of football, I love to fish, lift weights, and hang out with my little brother. I’m also dedicated in the classroom and love challenging myself in the vigorous atmosphere at Calvary,” said the well-spoken incoming senior, David Crossan. 

Breaking down his junior season, tackling one-on-one in the open field and overpowering his opponents off the edge looked like clock-work to him; courtesy of his daunting 6’3″ 235-pound, front seven build. David was amped up to collapse pockets every snap, consistently being of the first, if not THE first to the ball carrier. Crossan even served as a protector for Calvary’s offensive efforts, lining up at center when called upon- forcing players to become ‘one with the field’, literally.

“Our biggest strike of adversity has turned into our greatest blessing. We were without a defensive coordinator after last season. Going into my senior year without a defensive coordinator was concerning. The team trusted Coach Reggie [Crume] and he found Coach Waugh. Coach Waugh brings a tremendous amount of D-1 coaching experience to the team but a winning attitude that has rubbed off on everyone especially me,” explains David assuredly.

In 8 games battled per MaxPreps, Crossan closed out this past 2018 season totaling 23 tackles, (11 solo), with 6.5 TFLs, 4 sacks, and a fumble recovery. His 2018 production earned him some recruitment with offers from Stetson University, Jacksonville University, Florida Tech, Saint Anselm and an unofficial visit to West Point. Ample amounts of attention ahead for this student-athlete entering his final season in the navy, white, and gray; sparking a big interest on his double-sided efficiencies… stay tuned.

“The recruiting process is exciting but can be challenging. I’m trying to enjoy every part of it and just soak in every opportunity. I appreciate all of the schools and coaches that have taken an interest in me. I’ve learned to be patient and know that God has a plan for me. I am focusing on the season and look forward to finding the best fit for continuing my education and football career. For a career, I want to pursue business in the investing and trading field, eventually, owning a business within sports management.”

Speaking on offseason skill-boosting activities in preparation for a more critical role as an incoming senior, “The BCP Super 60 camp was a great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to play both middle linebacker and defensive end this summer, expanding my mobility and vision on defense. When the competition is stronger, sparks fly and people get better. You have to take every opportunity that’s available for you. I’ve learned [in camps] this summer you have to perform at a high level all the time because someone is always watching,”

David, far-right #60

Crossan emphasized to me that his love of football began when his father took him and the family to Philadelphia to watch the Eagles play when he was six. His passion and desire to comprehend every detail of the sport started similarly to where many others’ dreams are born; around the corner at a neighborhood park.

“Seeing my frustration and lack of playing time my freshman year, my dad taught me the basics of football. He showed me that when you discipline yourself to understand the game and play with your heart, you will have success. The brotherhood my dad would talk about, came my Junior year with Coach Reggie. This brotherhood pushes me to give everything I got for my teammates.”

Elaborating further on what his close-knit relationships mean to him, thriving alongside aspiring athletes, “This brotherhood means it’s more than just a game. This team is a family and we treat our teammates’ success as our success. I believe us working towards a common goal brings us closer together because we rely on each other, we trust each other, and we believe in each other. This brotherhood means everything thing to me- my teammates motivate me to be a better player and person.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor