Ignite Big Boys start and finish the party

Film review observations from Linemen 1 on 1 at Ignite


216 Sam Skinner Bloomingdale DL 2017 6’3 220 – Skinner has really progressed into a well-rounder defensive end. Good take off and slap move. This past weekend, he showed he could win and lose some against some of the best competition around.

220 Keldric Preston Robinson DL 2016 6’4 240 – More of a finesse rusher.  Able to work with either hand on the ground at either end.  Will add move pass rush moves to his tool box. But shows good penetration off the edge.

243 Zachary Carter Hillsborough DL 2017 6’4.5 226 – This could be the start of something big for this youngster. Ignite could have started the flame for a promising prospect who showed quick feet, live hands and a fantastic upside.

250 KWANZI JACKSON MANATEE DL 2016 6’3 220 – Long arms and nice lean. Once he gets stronger, he will be a problem at the college level as he is now at the high school level. Weak side finesse rusher.

262 Juwan Ross Father Lopez Catholic DL 2016 6’1 275 – If the opposing player beats you once or twice with the same move, that’s not too bad. But if Ross beats each offensive linemen with the same spin move, “Houston we have a problem.” The below spin move happened over and over at Ignite last Sunday and it worked just about every time!

273 Godey Coleus Wharton DL 2016 6’1 250 – Loved his take off, footwork and anticipation. Godey brought the energy and grit to the defensive line. Fire starter and had one heck of a day during 1 on 1s.

277 Andre Washington Jr. Steinbrenner DL 2016 5’11 270 – If you want to see a kid get off the ball, AW’s take off is the example. Good speed, can turn the corner and shows great feet.

270 Quinn Crecy Jr. Gaither DL 2016 6’0 230
276 Marquis Daniels Blake DL 2016 6’1 265

146 Rowdy Driggers Lennard OL 2016 6’1 290 – OL MVP! Driggers has done nothing but improve. Slowly but surely the big bull is understanding how to play with his feet before his hands. Last Sunday, after his quick sets, those big claws thrashed defensive linemen.

129 Brandon Walton Seminole OL 2016 6’5 273 – Big surprise here. Has the size and frame to add on plenty more weight. Still seems a bit raw and makes mistakes that are corrected by coaching. Picks up quickly and seems to like to play the position.

140 Baveon Johnson Lake Gibson OL 2016 6’3 315 – Can come off the ball in a hurry.  Played mostly center at Ignite, likely an offensive guard prospect.  Really quick feet and beat defensive linemen often. No DT beat Johnson twice in a row.

Sean Behrens Newsome OL
Sean Behrens Newsome OL

143 Felipe Fernandez Plant OL 2016 6’4.5 305 – His pass sets are so pretty. Evident he has been well coached. Good feet, rapid setup and has the ability to mirror a rushing defender. Understands angles and protects the inside.

138 Sean Behrens Newsome OL 2016 6’3 285 – You likely don’t know the names. However you better know his game. Competed with a chip on his shoulder. Can turn on and off the nastiness as soon as the whistle blows. Poker face and always has that “I just kicked your butt” look on his face.

141 Michael Wiggs Lake Gibson OL 2016 6’2 280 – Just sit back and watch this dude work. If you enjoy the trench war, this kid just makes you ask for more. Such quick pass sets/kick step, quick feet and his hand placement just pulls everything together. Really Really good Ignite!

104 Bradley Navarro Nature Coast Technical OL 2016 5’11 215
94 Thomas Tolbert Weeki Wachee OL 2017 6’2 235
150 Israel Cardona Weeki Wachee OL 2016 6’3 325
149 Daniel Martel Wharton OL 2016