With Video: Top 10 Ignite Showcase Performers

After watching every clip our cameras caught this past Sunday at the BCP Ignite Showcase, the following stood out the most on film.

Zach Carter, Hillsborough 2017
What many do not know, the Zach Carter on display Sunday is a much improved upgraded model than last year this time. Did he get his hands too high and use a Bull rush when he wasn’t suppose to…yes. However, his aggressiveness, agility and all around hand work is 100 times better now than it was in January 2015. Coaches praised his work ethic in individuals and were pleasantly surprised with his attitude to improve! Needs to perfect one more pass rush move to keep offensive tackles off balance.
Justin Visconti, Wharton 2017
Big body kid with a great motor. Weak spot is foot speed right now. Compensates with strength and hand use.
Xavier Lyas, Durant 2017
Has a crazy fast takeoff. Rivaled that of DL MVP Zach Carter. Very physical with his pass rush. Great job using his hands. Will need to improve lower body strength.
Eli Morris, Robinson 2017
Showed better feet than expected. Won about half of his 1 on 1 battles. Good balance and improved on his pass rush moves throughout the day.
Will Dudley, Wharton 2017
Can play inside or outside. Best asset is his strength. Good initial quicks and plays low. Will need to improve overall speed.
Also Keep An Eye On
Michael Doyle, Mitchell 2017; Tramar Reece, Clearwater 2017; Andrew Brown, Countryside 2017; Arcellio Weeks, Chamberlain 2018
Matthew Hegwood, Mitchell 2017
Carried a lot of energy throughout the camp. Eager to improve his game. Physical and played with excitement. Did a good job with his arm extension and initial punch. Will need to improve foot speed.
Cleveland Reed, Fort Meade 2018
It’s clear that he has a good foundation of coaching. Naturally strong young man with quick feet. Reed made strides in a matter of hours that will help him develop throughout the offseason. He was very imposing in 1 on 1 match ups versus the defensive line.
Ethan Gemma, Countryside 2018
His upside is crazy. Such reach and really good feet. Light on his toes and has good lateral movement. Will need to improve in the weight room to increase total body strength.
Gordon Sandorf, Countryside 2017
Consistent all day long. Played with a low, wide base. Showed improved foot speed and really good technique. Will need to improve lateral movement.
Zach Hauschild, Clearwater 2017
No surprise to us. He entered Ignite as arguably the top Pinellas County offensive tackle prospect in the 2017 class. Sunday did nothing but solidify his spot as he put his ranking on the line to see where he stood against the better competition in the area. He won some and lost some. But in the end he wanted the work and got it!
Also Keep An Eye On
Spencer Schmuckie, East Lake 2017; Kyle Back Steinbrenner 2017; Chandler Pearce, Lake Gibson 2017; Bradley Haines, Jesuit 2018; Andrew Beymer, Auburndale 2018