Knee-Jerk Reaction to Ignite. Jump Out Performers

Our Ignite coverage will last all week long and a bunch of campers will receive some much needed media attention from BCP. To get things started, we took a quick look at some of the film from Ignite. Without full study, as we will this week, below are 11 campers who jumped of the screen. We dropped 12 names now. Throughput the week nearly 40 more kids will be mentioned. Just take this as an appetizer.

Bentlee Sanders, Tampa Catholic, 2017, CB
Easy to see he was picking his battles wisely. Attempted to isolate himself with the better receivers in the bunch. Won more battles than he lost. Showed really quick feet and loose hips. Made plays on the ball in the air and reduced the space for the QB to complete passes.
Darius Corbett, Tampa Catholic, 2017, WR
The receiver coaches stated the WR MVP came down to a coin toss and we now see why. When the camera was pointed in his direction he provided much entertainment. Darius was really good at the line of scrimmage. Used his fancy footwork to get a step on the defenders. Made a few special catches. One in the back of the end zone snagging the pigskin with one hand.
Jaquan Hiers, Largo, 2018, S
The young manmade some money on Sunday. He was good in open field 1 on 1s and even better in the red zone taking home a few interceptions after anticipating routes and jumping passes.
Kane Taylor, Clearwater, 2017, ATH
If area high school fans were not aware of Kane Taylor before Sunday, they know now. How does a big man move so fast and with such agility? One heck of an athlete. Ran good routes versus the larger defenders and used his size to ward off the smaller ones. Made a pretty one-handed catch on the sideline that ignited the crowd.
Zachary Hauschild, Clearwater, 2017, OL
No surprise to us. He entered Ignite as arguably the top Pinellas County offensive tackle prospect in the 2017 class. Sunday did nothing but solidify his spot as he put his ranking on the line to see where he stood against the better competition in the area. He won some and lost some. But in the end he wanted the work and got it!
Tate Whatley, Strawberry Crest, 2018, QB
The 2018 class is highlighted by several skill athletes. One area kid that might not get the national run as others will, is Tate Whatley. However, just watch him work. He will fight for the top QB spot in the our 2018 class. He has such a quick release, great feet and velocity on his passes. The kid had a great Ignite this past Sunday.
Malik Davis, Jesuit, 2017, RB
What many didn’t see, Malik ran the forty yard dash at least 3 times. Each time we placed 2-3 clocks on him to make sure we were getting a pretty accurate time. Each time, all the clocks were around the same time and each run was consistent. The results are not public, but we will say he clocked a fast time each run. To back it up, he was bigger, stronger and more agile than expected.
Zach Carter, Hillsborough, 2017, DL
What many do not know, the Zach Carter on display Sunday is a much improved upgraded model than last year this time. Did he get his hands too high and use a Bull rush when he wasn’t suppose to…yes. However, his aggressiveness, agility and all around hand work is 100 times better now than it was in January 2015. Coaches praised his work ethic in individuals and were pleasantly surprised with his attitude to improve!
Steven Witchosky, Durant, 2017, TE
You have heard us mention this kid before. He has camped with us on several occasions. Held his own, but overshadowed by some other really good athletes at the same position. Not this time. Second place wasn’t good enough. It was his time to claim top honors and he did. Came back with vengeance making athletic plays throughout the day.
Daquon Green, Tampa Bay Tech, 2017, WR
Smoothest route runner at the camp. Everybody knows he can catch the ball and has that rare ability to track the ball in flight. But his body positioning and route running separates him from the rest of the really good athletes performaing at the same position.
Cleveland Reed, Fort Meade, 2018, OL,
It’s clear that he has a good foundation of coaching. Naturally strong young man with quick feet. Reed made strides in a matter of hours that will help him develop throughout the offseason. He was very imposing in 1 on 1 match ups versus the Defensive line.