Winter Haven’s Offensive Unit Oozing with Productivity

Winter Haven, June 4, 2018 – The Blue Devils have a plethora of D1 talented scholars inhabiting their offense with highly recruitable prospects and after a positive 6-4 2017 season, they’re looking ahead to achieving another winning year with dangerous depth at all points of their team, courtesy of the returning leaders who have tunnel vision for the bigger picture. Here’s a BCP inside look of Coach Pickrell’s thoughts on his group of loyal, workhorse guys striving to reach their team and individual aspirations.

“Last year I had a ton of seniors, but the starting guys I have now have played in at least 4 games and are definitely good enough to start, just had better depth to work with. Starting with my Tackle, student athlete Jack Twyford, he takes a lot of pride in his academics, has a 4.1 GPA, 1360 SAT test score, had one official D1 offer, gained 40 pounds in offseason and 75 on the bench press. He went to a camp in Chicago and they measured him at 6’6” 270, good kid and for sure a D1 prospect. Attended the BCP Linemen camp this past March, and we ended up winning that contest, was a fun time for the guys, States Coach Caleb Pickrell passionately.

My Tackle Hyde Lawhorn is an underweight guy but he’ll grind you out the whole game, toughest guy I got on this team, gets the huddle set and the leader of this line- true motor and heart of the group, doesn’t get as much recognition, so he’s going to be big time for us this year. At Right Guard, James Long, he’s got a D1 frame, great defensive linemen as well, really good run blocker, has quick feet, and very aggressive hands- he’ll let you know he’s there; packs a punch.

Coach Pickrell continues, “Blossoming into a huge recruit for us is my other Tackle on the right side, another D1 guy, Anthony Smith, started two games for us last year and got a lot of attention at the ‘Bull of the Ring’ Camp. Both him and Jack are in the school’s Cambridge program; very high level AP classes. He’s going to be a junior; right around 250 pounds and growing and maintains a 4.2 GPA- he’ll finish blocks 20 yards down the field and not be satisfied. Has great feet, hands, and attitude- anything you ask him to do is “yes sir” never a problem with his work ethic, never satisfied and one of my favorite kids I’ve coached; so he’s going to be a huge gift to someone,”.

Eric Williams is another D1 guy returning for us at QB, he took over last year with five games left and threw 10+ touchdowns- he can really sling it and he’ll be a junior so we have extreme confidence in his abilities this year.

Probably the biggest recruit, mainly plays Defensive End but will be at Tight End for us this season too, Josh Celiscar is a big time kid, he’s 6’4” 240 and has been invited to some big D1 camps this summer, always had D1 coaches asking about him and his brother had a successful D1 career out of Winter Haven as well. Josh is the biggest prospect of 2020 for sure, had a great last season on the D line and also a basketball guy; he had a big role in getting the team to the final four in the playoffs.

We also had a trio of running backs, lost D1 back last year, senior Ja’veon Marlow is going to Vanderbilt, but they are all explosive in the backfield. Javun Thomas, returning as a senior, was our 3rd down back last year behind Marlow and he’s been patient and had a solid spring game. I have a new back, junior, Travion Raggs and he also had a great spring game- he’s a beast and will punish guys. Another major component to our offense is our junior returner and starting fullback Tyreece Anglin. Extremely critical in our run game and catches many passes out of the backfield, including a touchdown in our spring game.”

Coach says in his closing statement, “We have a bunch of hard working kids, and they have their minds on a state title, constantly texting me “coach can you evaluate this film, help me on this technique,” and I haven’t been around a group that self-evaluates themselves the way they do and they’re humble at that. They are proud of their O-line with unity and Head Coach Tate always addresses the team before a game and they take their assigned places to sit together as a group seriously. The name of their group is the ‘Trench Mob’ and they live on chanting it and making plays so with all that we expect big things, last year was a successful year and I graded the O-line with an A grade and this year we’re even more talented.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor