The Hot Commodity of Seasonal Football Camps

Clearwater, June 6, 2018 – “I love how the kids soak it all up, especially at this younger age and I coached some college too, yet I can do some of the same drills at every level; just love seeing them grow.” ~ Linemen Coach Sven Hack, BCP.

From my adequate experience in attending BCP camps and any other player camp, I’ve also come to the conclusion that these events taught by some of the best mentors locally around is a superficial program for these kids; creating a sense of competitive humbleness, building character, and skill. I asked a few coaches motivating and preaching the fundamentals at this past Calvary Youth Camp about the benefits these type of camps provide to an athlete’s team, the athlete personally, and other coaches when said athlete returns with more knowledge- Here’s their input on the subject matter.

“It’s hands on, face to face, making sure everyone has proper technique, not just running through basic drills- all about being effective in their craft and talking to them, not AT them. Being able to adjust to their personality teaches us to be humble in what we do, they are out here to learn and so are we. We constantly have them moving, working to get better every practice, trying to build that muscle memory- don’t come to the table if you’re not hungry!” Coach Arthur McCoy exclaims.

“Any camp you can go to is beneficial because the more you do anything the better you get, we compile different techniques and things to make them more versatile, especially the smaller linemen I work with in these camps and drills. Everyone develops their craft differently, so we learn how to adjust to each level- you have to evaluate them for when they go back to teams and teach them things they can do at home too,” states linemen coach Sven Hack passionately.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor