Warriors dominate Sharks

Although Steinbrenner high school (2-4) dominated the game on offense with over 300 total yards, the defense was not very far behind holding the Riverview Sharks to only two touchdowns and winning 27-14.

The Warriors were led offensively by star senior wide receiver, son of Mark Carrier, (former NFL player for multiple teams including the Buccaneer) Jon-Marc Carrier who caught several deep passes and accounted for two Warrior touchdowns and a grand total of 112 offensive yards.

Carrier was not the only Warrior to help put points on the board. Kendall Pearcey ran for over 160 yards, accounting for ten first downs and one touchdown.

“You know, right off the back, I could tell it was great. We came down the field with offense dominating but as the game went on we got a little sloppy which led to some team tension, but we got over it” said Steinbrenner Head Coach Andres Perez-Reinaldo.

The Warrior defense forced 6 turnovers including a blocked extra point attempt, an interception, and a fumble recovery to top it all off for the night.

“For next week, especially coming off a win from our homecoming game, and facing off in a huge do or die district game against Tampa Bay Tech which is a great team, we have to try our best, do everything we did tonight, but just clean up a couple of things” said Coach Perez.

“The offensive line. That was the difference in this game and all others we have played. When the line performs, Pearcey gets the ball where we need it to be. In the end zone for a score so that we can put points on the board” said Coach Perez.

Especially coming off all the injuries, it was a good game for Carrier with his recent leg injury. Junior running back Jake Carroll also served as an offensive weapon this game along side with Pearcey, racking up several yards on the ground.

“It felt great coming off these injuries and getting back out here and finally having the game I am used to having and what better time to have than at homecoming game. We need to defiantly clean some things up but we did great as a team and as individual players” said Carrier.

“It felt great having all these yards, and it will feel even better getting to that 1000 yard point again that I am hopefully on track for. We need to practice harder. When we practice harder, the stuff we do will get more intense and when this happens, we play harder in the games when it really counts, and that is when we will reach our goal of being a great football team that should be respected as a competitor “said Pearcey.

Next week the Warriors will face off against Tampa Bay Tech (4-2) at home while the Sharks (2-5) play at Brandon (0-6).

– Evan Abramson