Venice 2018 Big Boy Schedule

Seven playoff teams and a state champion on that schedule.

THIS is how you freaking put a big-boy schedule together when you’re on the coast from Sarasota to Naples. Not the most publicized side of the state. But you have to Love it. Look at those non-district games!!!

The newly crowned 7A state champions were able to get Vero Beach, Champagnat (2017 2A State Champ) AND Manatee to come to their place. Ultimately Maximize that gate revenue! Public schools surely need every penny. The Indians were able to schedule Riverview and Charlotte. This could create some great games in the future.

It’s a rebuilding year for the Indians losing a senior led team in 2017.  7-3 or 6-4 has them in the equation for the postseason based on bonus points alone. Credit that to schedule.

Don’t forget Coach Peacock was also able to get Riverview on the schedule, which is another gate-buster (even though in Sarasota) and usually not on their schedule.