The Enforcer: Wiregrass Ranch DT Kasean Ridgel is Punishing 7A Offenses

“I am looking forward to proving that Wiregrass Ranch is the best and that last year was not a fluke…” ~ Kasean Ridgel, Wiregrass DT/Guard.

Wesley Chapel, August 4, 2018- Senior three-sport athlete and Defensive Tackle Kasean Ridgel is a big fella with big accolades and aspirations. An offensive disruptor who also protects his Quarterback and is a true force to be reckoned with- all with his 5’9” 245-pound frame. Here’s a BCP inside look in the life of Bulls’ valuable play-maker Kasean Ridgel and everything that comes along with wreaking havoc on the gridiron.

For starters, from film alone, it’s clear as day Ridgel absolutely stuffs the run with brute force and bull rush, wrapping back the ball carrier a minimum of 5 yards, and is always one of the first guys if not THE first guy on the ball right when the pigskin leaves the centers hand. His pursuit and technique allows him to shed blocks no matter where he lines up defensively and reads the offense tremendously; possessing a witty sense of where and when he needs to be plugging gaps as he chases down his opponents with tunnel vision cutting off angles so they’re never out of his grasp. You’d better keep your head on a swivel because #52 will hit you like a freight train from more places than one- never letting his feet get cold. 

Kasean Ridgel, Wiregrass Ranch DT during agility drills at BCP Bull In The Ring. PC: Susan Jones

“During the summer before a season I go to several football camps and do one on one workouts, before game time or practice I try to be hype man with my teammates and my best attribute is being able to play both sides; I love playing defense but if needed I can step in on offense and make the plays my team needs. 

My motivation is me knowing that I am very good at what I do, but don’t always getting the true recognition that I most time deserve, I strive to do the best because that what my parents have taught me to do. I started as a Freshmen on JV knowing that I wanted to be on varsity- when I did not move up after the season I was motivated to earn a spot and stay there. I have been a varsity player since the spring game after my 1st year and have worked extremely hard to maintain that spot… I have earned several awards like the Coaches award, Most Improved Defensive Player 1st team for All conference and my two other sports I do are shot put in track and weightlifting where I have also received awards,” Ridgel states passionately. 

 “Yes I have been called undersized but size doesn’t matter … I have the advantage of being able to get in tight gaps and I’m faster than most linemen. I feel that size means nothing it’s about the player and if they have the want and effort to be a great player- that’s what makes me different from everyone else,” Kasean exclaims. His “undersize” allows for an extra elusiveness when attacking the inside holes that bigger guys just can’t squeeze into as he chaotically displayed in his 2017 9-3 junior season introduction collecting 69 total tackles- 49 solo, with 6.3 TPG, 4 sacks, a forced fumble and a QB hurry along with 11 TFL! Heart goes a long way, and indeed his soul is invested in the game of football, recognizing what separates him from the pack. 

Kasean Ridgel, Wiregrass Ranch DT in one on one drills at BCP Bull In The Ring. PC: Susan Jones

“I am looking forward to proving that Wiregrass Ranch is the best and that last year was not a fluke- I hope to show everyone that I am one of the best DT’s in Florida; I’m ready to play football and lead my team to a championship. My goal is to attend college and get a degree in sports management- my end-all goal is to play in the NFL. I would like to retire from the NFL and be a sportscaster and my idol of the league is J.J. Watt. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, I take care of my dog and play Fortnite in my spare time.” 

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor