The 5 Things You Need To Know For March 27, 2019

  1. Today Is Opposite Day: As in–whatever you do, make sure it’s the opposite of the approach that DJ Wilson took when playing defense on Chris Paul. This is a perfect metaphor for everything right now. Doesn’t matter WHAT the situation is…this is courtesy of Rob Perez.

2. FIST PUMP: This is the good stuff. More of this, please! Major League Baseball and Little League International are making their relationship even stronger. It’s no secret that while the game may be getting younger, the demographics are still lagging from core age of hardcore fans, to the accessibility within the urban areas. The product on the field, much to the consternation of the older crowd, is actually *really* good and although it’s tortuously long to watch the games at times, those solutions can be debated at another time. What’s not debatable is that pumping money into the infrastructure, better yet, the *human* infrastructure is how you create your own insurance policy in terms of future success. Read more in this link from Front Office Sports:

3. You serious, Kliff?: Ordinarily, Cousin Eddie’s line would suffice, but what in the wide world of sports is going on ’round here? Look, Kingsbury isn’t wrong about players fidgeting and squirming after mere minutes into a meeting, but that doesn’t excuse any of this tomfooloery. What, are we doing here?

4. Humanity to the Rescue: This WILL BE the best article you read this week. We promise. Even if you’re not a ‘Nole, this one *must* be taken in and appreciated. It’s about Phil Cofer and his relationship with Leonard Hamilton while mourning the loss of his father, who passed away hours before the ‘Noles took the floor in the opening round last Thursday. If you don’t think that the coach is THEEE most important reason for kids committing at about a 99% rate, then think again. Of course there’s other factors that make the decision to join the family even better, but after reading the article, you will clearly see why it’s so important to have stability and accountability at *that* position first and foremost. Read more from ESPN—>

5. Yusef Leak, II, Master’s Academy, 2021, WR