The 5 Things You Need To Know For March 14, 2019

It’s a mixed bag of treats for today, starting with the SSAC providing a new outlet for a sizeable chunk of Class 1A’s schools, a courageous story about a former athlete in a bigger fight than football, and some big changes coming to the bowls–which has an affect on a couple of local games. Also, the last three are alllll about the business of college sports and why it’s time to truly put in some checks and balances if we want it to be a proper system.

  1. A Viable Option: The SSAC (Sunshine State Athletic Conference) announced something really big and possibly a foreshadow into the future of the rural class if some of the big boys don’t move up in weight class. Starting this fall, the North Florida League will come to fruition. It includes Baker, Blountstown, Cottondale, Franklin County, Graceville, Holmes County, Jefferson-Somerset (Monticello), Liberty County, Port St. Joe, Sneads, Vernon, and Wewahitchka High Schools. The schools will play 7 games then the last 3 games will bracket to play. The top 8 will play to get a league champ, while bottom four will crossover to play each other. All of that said, they will still be in Class 1A, and will still qualify for the playoffs. Got that? It’s awesome to see the SSAC coming in to provide a solution WHILE sending a shot across the bow of schools like Madison County and Taylor County (and others) that if they want to reside in that class it’s cool with them, just don’t call them for a game. Something has to give.
  2. He Will Be Victor(ious): Victor Thomas went from Orlando’s The First Academy to the Naval Academy with the highest of goals and dreams. That is until Multiple Sclerosis sidelined every last bit of that and forced him to reevaluate. It’s beautiful synergy that Thomas was destined to be a Chaplain once done with school, since it will likely be his Faith that sees him through the darkest of times when all that is humanly possible in his physical being has been expunged. This is what makes people’s stories of overcoming the odds so wonderful and inspirational. There’s literally no viable explanation for it other than the will meeting the destiny. Please read this and follow him along his journey, will you? Excellent job by the Orlando Sentinel to get the ball rolling:
  3. That’s Some Budget You Got There: Have fun with this. You can literally shape the queries to whatever research topic you want to explore, and it’s free. You want to get a *decent* idea where the money comes from and goes to? Check this out.
  4. What’s In The Bowl, Brett?: Brett McMurphy has detailed some pretty significant changes coming for the bowl season and several of them apply to our favorite teams and their conference affiliations. Check this info out here at Stadium’s site:
  5. SHOW ME (HIM) THE MONEY: College basketball ratings are 15% this season, and literally because of one man, well, kid. He my look like he’s a grown man, but looks can be deceiving. Think about that perspective when you take advantage of this FREE article from the Sports Business Daily (which doesn’t happen often so CLICK) and see just what kind of impact this young man has on the business side. And then think about he’s going to be far from the last one that comes along with this sort of cache, AND THEN ask yourself are we supposed to just eliminate Economics from the Student-Athletes curriculum altogether? Because if you don’t…you may find them getting smarter than you are at that subject and YOU will be the one that’s saltier than the Dead Sea.