The 5 Things You Need To Know for January 9th, 2019

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  1. : Just going to leave this riiiiiight here. One legislator in the Pacific Northwest is fed up. The top Republican in Washington’s House Appropriations Committee, and incoming House GOP Leader, thinks that athletes should be paid “market value” for services from sponsors, NOT schools, and that his proposal would make it a violation of the state’s consumer protection law to enforce their (NCAA) rules against college athletes in Washington. Although he acknowledges the bill is likely to die, a dialogue must live. That’s a development we will keep track of moving forward.
  2. Hashtag, CAN’T HIDE MONEY: Let’s make thing one clear; there’s no shade in what we are about to divulge. If anything, think of it as a philosophical extension of sorts from the first thing we laid out for you this morning. After Clemson’s run to the title, and after their much-celebrated look at their brand new $55 MILLION dollar facility plastered all over television these past 10 days, the hits keep coming for Dabo Swinney. Not only does he control the new Kings of the South for what could be the next two seasons at least, he earned HIMSELF a cool $850,000 in bonuses for guiding the Tigers to their second natty in three seasons. Again, no shade. Just enlightening the people.
  3. Let’s go Bowling, shall we?: According to an article compiled by the Orlando Sentinel’s Matt Murschel, average attendance for the 2018-19 bowl season was up for the first time in seven years. The average was at 41,802, which is up 1,304 from last season. Even in a season where 20 of the 38 games were in decline and one contest was completely canceled. The highest gain (+15,479) was courtesy of the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, which had the luxury of having Virginia and South Carolina within a stones’ throw of the venue, while the Texas Bowl (-16,176) between Baylor and Vanderbilt saw the biggest loss, but still finished with 50,000+ fans in attendance nonetheless. The Music City (Purdue/Auburn) and Hawaii Bowl (Louisiana Tech/Hawaii) both saw double-digit gains in attendance as well.
  4. It’s (still-even-though-not-so) great in the Sunshine State: Although the bowl season still saw 301,037 people file through the turnstiles for the eight bowl games in Florida, that figure was down 10,191 from last season. Just three bowl games, Camping World (+1,515), Citrus (+1,441), and Orange (+1,171) saw positive gains in attendance this season while the Outback (-5,169) saw the biggest loss. The Gasparilla Bowl was also the least-attended game in the state with just 14,135 witnessing Marshall and USF. And just so that you understand, that we understand, that there are a myriad of factors that go into the fluctuations from year-to-year, we thought you’d be interested to know the raw numbers. Simple as that. Over a quarter of a million people enjoying in a 3-week period what we get to enjoy on a daily basis is always a good boost for the economy.
  5. Sometimes, it really is the thought that counts: In an Associated Press story from Colorado State University, Head Coach Mike Bobo has declined a $100,000 bonus following a 3-9 season in Fort Collins. In an interview Bobo called accountability a “two-way street” even after he dealt with a condition known as peripheral neuropathy that caused extreme difficulty and numbness in his feet, thus making it painful and sometimes impossible to walk the sideline. Something, that is, well sort of in his job description. For all intents and purposes, he had the freest of passes. If this were a decade ago, or a little longer, that kind of sum going back to the school would be a titanic shot in the arm financially. Nowadays, it coins-in-the-cushions for even the Mountain West. Paying him for a 3-9 season would’ve been simply the cost of doing business and honoring a contract, when instead, there was honoring of a whole different realm.