The 5 Things You Need To Know for January 10th, 2019

  1. All Eyes On Daytona: The annual FACA Spring Sports Clinic begins today, but this year, they will be hosting the first Football Coaches Advisory Meeting of the year. It was at this meeting last year such changes as giving the top two seeds in 1A-4A byes in order to line up the schedules with the larger classes AND allow for two more teams to make the playoffs. This year, there’s some small changes proposed, along with some mighty progressive ones. Among the small details, subtracting the amount of points for a loss in order to truly count a win more than a loss is one of them. Another would be to not allow teams forfeiting games to receive the points they would receive for a loss. Among some of the more “cutting edge” of the ideas on the agenda, determining the playoffs after week 10 in an effort to not penalize teams forced by their districts or conferences to play teams in week 11 that might ultimately hurt those teams already in playoff position. Another is to do-away with bonus points altogether, while other issues as deciding whether or not to designate 5 players for JV and Varsity duties, or perhaps allow for a 6-quarter limit to be put in place in order to save JV and Freshmen games from being canceled due to lack of depth for Friday nights. Whew. There’s more, but we’ll keep you posted!
  2. For Whom the Bell (Scores): Fresh from a D-2 National Championship in which his Blazers, did just that, BLAZE scoreboards throughout the Gulf South Conference and beyond, Kerwin Bell is now the OC at USF for the next two seasons. The Bulls needed this shot in the arm in the worst way, and with the stable of QB’s thinner than a Floridian’s blood in Minnesota at the moment, anything that can inject life and attract some positive energy into that side of the ball is a good thing. Even if Bell isn’t going to actually run the plays himself. Bell’s offense racked up over 520 yards a game and 52-points-per en route to their 14-0 record, and most importantly, that Valdosta State Roster was loaded with talent from all over the peninsula from Miami to Jacksonville–something that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  3. Grown Men, Handling Grown Men Business: In a report that’s quickly picking up traction on social media, Sean Payton, Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints, hosts of the defending Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles this weekend, apparently has told Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar to kick rocks when it comes to motivational tactics and feeling a sense of self “worth”. According to folks present, four armed guards entered the Saints’ Locker Room along with Payton and the Lombardi Trophy. On top of said trophy was $225K in cash, and when Payton spoke he said: “Y’all want this?…win 3 ******* games.” It should be of note that the bonus for each player for winning it all this season is $225K.
  4. When life gives you lemons: The saga of Miami’s Dewan Hernandez isn’t going away anytime soon. The former Norland star found himself in a bind when his name appeared on emails of agent handler Christian Dawkins, who was under investigation by the FBI. Hernandez is one of Miami’s most-heralded recruits in program history and has missed 12 of 14 games this season for the ‘Canes. It’s a huge loss. But sometimes, when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make something refreshing to drink. Hernandez is not allowed to travel with his teammates while ineligible, but with their game in Tallahassee last night, he displayed some extraordinary character in the face of his obstacles. Hernandez drove himself from Coral Gables to Tallahassee, made the shoot-around running with the scout team, and then sat on the bench with his squad even though the ‘Noles pulled out the rivalry win over Miami. While Hernandez may not be able to contribute on the court when it counts, he may be in fact the most-important teammate wearing that “U” on his chest, even when he has every reason to feel frustrated and angered.
  5. Speaking of life getting in the way: A little over a month ago, it wasn’t even a certainty that UCF Quarterback McKenzie Milton would have a right leg to walk on, much less walk or run, or play football. Via his Instagram and now making the rounds on social media is a video of him doing something that would ordinarily make you laugh, but in this case wipe away the condensation from your eyes. Milton was filmed leg pressing 40lbs with that right leg with a brace and very little effort. Just like we saw with Teddy Bridgewater and a few others, you can come back from something gruesome like this, but it’s never a guarantee, and football is simply taking a backseat to actual life-altering events at this moment, yet it’s the driving force and the “why” for this young man at the same time. Perspective is everything. Have an awesome day, everyone!