The 5 Things You Need To Know for January 19, 2019

  1. Hold that Tiger!: The list of players from E7 continues with Palmetto’s Kobe Mays, a 2020 WR that checks-in at 6-2/170 for the Tigers. Mays made a ton of acrobatic catches, displayed outstanding athleticism, tracked the ball well in the air, and showed a great release off the line of scrimmage. The Tigers were 8-4 in this season and lost a heartbreaker to Bloomingdale, but Mays and his skills should return for a stellar senior season, one that we are very much looking forward to.
  2. Warhawks and Warriors: A pair of Pinellas County prospects find their way into the weekend edition of “The 5” with Calvary Christian’s Logan Hair–a 2022 WR prospect–along with Seminole’s Bailey Purcell, who is a 2020 WR prospect. Both players make checked in at roughly the same size at 5-8/5-9 and within 10lbs of each other at 150lbs & 160lbs respectively. While these guys may be “undersized” in the traditional sense, they were a pair of dudes that literally showed up at every turn on film just simply making catches and being in the right position with good skills.
  3. You Gotta Be Kidding, Right?: We are going to give you the cliffs’ notes to this one, because a)-it’s a doozy, and b)-we want to give you chance to form your own opinions based on YOUR OWN research, but here goes: Alohi Gilman is a football player that’s transferring from the Naval Academy to Notre Dame, because, among other things, he wants a better chance at playing in the NFL. First, we are leaving that last part up for “discussion” with regards to the wrong vs. right in that. What’s not up for discussion is the embarrassing events that happened after his announcement via letter to Gilman from some “veterans”. The content of this letter is via Barstool Sports and confirmed by officials in Annapolis and Gilman himself. In the letter, it states:….[“”We must express contempt for you and your educational and career decisions over the past couple of years. You were honored with the highest appointment to the United State Naval Academy and were given one year prep school scholarship because of your questionable academic record. And how do you thank our great country for giving you chance to serve? You spit on the flag and transfer because you believe you can make the NFL quicker. Much more talented players than you received their commission, served their country, and went to the NFL. Just watching you get beaten badly and totally embarrassed by Clemson yesterday shows you’re mediocre at best. It goes without saying you are coward. Our military is probably better off for not having you amongst its ranks, but this will accompany you throughout your life.””]….On its surface, this letter is so egregious and such a parody of itself, that it almost seems like it’s a fake–but it’s not. Also, who are the REAL coward(s), here? The one transferring? Or the one(s) that REFUSED to put their names to it? This isn’t good at all, you guys. The cynic says that wasn’t even written by veterans, that it’s a spoof–that THERE IS NOT ONE WAY another service member could feel that way about a young man trying sort things out. The cynic says that nobody in their right mind would feel this way about a kid they don’t even know. The realist says welcome to 2019. You can get on someone for not honoring a commitment, but at the end of the day, WHO are you really going after? We highly suggest you MUST go to the latest ZeroBlog30 Podcast on iTunes and listen to the whole story.
  4. Silver Kings Ride The Lightning: Charlotte’s hoops team trailed Lehigh by 23 points in the Wally Keller Classic with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd Quarter last night, after a lackluster first half in which Head Coach Tom Massolio didn’t even bother talking to his players at halftime, and coming off a loss to their most-hated rivals on the planet–undefeated Port Charlotte–from the night before. By the end of the game, the Tarpons were victorious 66-58. Now, THAT is what we call a turnaround. Charlotte (13-5) outscored Lehigh 44-19 in the second half.
  5. Speaking of the Wally Keller–here is your schedule for today. The tournament takes place every year on MLK Weekend, so start making your plans now as the field is consistently made up of final four, state champions, and even nationally-ranked schools from out-of-state as well.

Wally Keller Classic Schedule (Charlotte High School Gymnasiums)
11:20: North Port vs. Mariner
12:00: Lakewood Ranch vs. Vero Beach
1:00: Bartow vs. Lehigh
1:40: The Villages vs. North Miami
2:40: Hillsborough vs. Evangelical Christian
3:20: Lakeland vs. Stranahan
4:20: Booker vs. South Miami
6:00: Venice vs. Jensen Beach
6:40: Sarasota Riverview vs. Miami Palmetto
7:40: Lemon Bay vs. Fort Myers
8:20: Charlotte vs. Oldsmar Christian
5:00: Miami Christian vs. Kissimmee Osceola