The 5 Things You Need To Know for January 18, 2019

Happy TGIF, ladies and gents! The weekend is here and there are some things we think you might be interested in. We’ve got a mixed bag–a potpourri–a gaggle of topics to hit on, so let’s get into it. And as always–enjoy and be blessed!

  1. Best QB on the roster right now, TBH: Gaither and Florida International Alum Alex McGough signed a Reserve/Futures Contract with the Jaguars earlier this week, and by that, the Jags have at least solved their backup spot at the *very worst* and potentially found someone to run John DeFillipo’s offense in the short term at the very best. Speaking of the new O.C., the current HC–Doug Marrone, said that the two most-important things asked about in interviews for the job were about the QB situation and the salary cap. Buddy,,,,some of us that have had season tickets since this franchise’s inception have been asking that since 1995. Next thing you know we’re going to find out that water is in fact, wet. Here’s hoping that McGough truly gets a shot, because the Seahawks tried their best to hide him on their practice squad and make him the backup to Russell Wilson for a VERY GOOD reason. Depending on what happens with free agency and the draft, he may end up being in the mix for the starers’ spot.
  2. Your Weekly FHSAA Update: Last week it was the coaches, this week it was the Athletic Directors’ turn to discuss what had been proposed and passed up the chain to this committee of fourteen. The biggest items on the table included the scrapping of the points system after two seasons and moving to an RPI system. The AD’s passed this 10-4 with the representative from Pensacola leading a group of dissenters claiming his coaches were–“pissed”–without further context provided. The AD’s also passed a proposal to institute a “dead period” of three weeks immediately following the football season for players and coaches to simply back away and put everything down during the holidays, essentially. One thing that was not passed, was something that the coaches were all-in on. The allowance of underclassmen to play up to 6 quarters per week for the purpose of filling out JV and Varsity depth was denied, citing a distrust and a policing issue with so many teams in the state. The FHSAA Board of Directors will meet at the end of this month to decide the final fate of the proposals passed.
  3. KUDOS ALL AROUND: Two separate shouts of approval in the HSFB world from our area. First, MAJOR props to Plant City’s Braxton Plunk, who is the 2018 Guy Toph winner and *that dude* from Hillsborough for this season. Plunk threw for 2,602 yards this season and finished his career with 5,654 yards and 53TD’s. Well done, and go do big things! Next, while it may not be the prettiest route for coaches, players, alums, and all the folks associated with Dunedin High School, we give big respect to Head Coach Mitch Disney and his staff for making the choice that wasn’t going to be the most popular, but one that he felt was the best thing for his kids and program. The Falcons have lost 43-straight games and with their new district assignment being exponentially tougher than the last four seasons, the choice really wasn’t much of a choice it seems. Sometimes it takes more strength to walk away than to stand and fight, and history is on their side in this case with teams in Pinellas doing this before and coming out the better for it in the long run.
  4. They’re Surprised?: Been seeing a TON of social media chatter about Lakewood and Auburn’s All-Time Receptions leader, Mr. Ryan Davis at the East-West Shrine Game practice. Something about him impressing scouts on every rep. Something about him running precise routes and something about him beating every DB that steps up to him in practice and indy’s. Just one question–where y’all been, social media experts? Aside from the fact that he’s playing in his hometown this week in front of friends and family–which is all the motivation he would need–is the fact that this young man absolutely did work in the Southeastern Conference with 1,555 yards on 178 receptions in 39 games. You remember what he did in high school right? Just in case you forgot–9,362 yards rushing and passing–in 2 less games than he played in college. It’s about to be Mr. Davis’ World really soon, y’all.
  5. IT’s FRIDAY–YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO DO: Well, of course you do, but anytime you can work in a “modified” line paying homage to Smokey and Craig, then what are we doing, here? Anyways, you need to get down to Punta Gorda and Charlotte High tonight and tomorrow if you can. There are 12 teams from our coverage area that will be playing simultaneously on two courts on campus against premier teams. The action gets underway tonight with Oldsmar Christian playing Norland, the hosts Charlotte playing Lehigh, and Booker going up against state contenders Kissimmee Osceola. Other games on Saturday that will pique your interests are The Villages and Tre Mann facing North Miami at 1:40, while Bartow faces Lehigh in the second gym. At 2:40, while The Villages-N. Miami get after it, Hillsborough will be taking on a small-school power in Fort Myers Evangelical School. Also on the agenda are Lakeland vs. Stranahan (3:20), South Miami vs. Booker (4:20) and Sarasota Riverview facing Miami Palmetto at 6:40pm.