The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 14, 2019

  1. Florida Man At It Again: NOT to be outdone on even this day of love is the infamous, Florida Man. NO, we are not referring to a Gator Grad, although they may *sometimes* fall into this broader category. Florida Man (and Woman quite frankly) is a collection of things that can only be described as, Florida. NO, those of us born-and-raised here are exactly cool with this moniker, because, well, the harsh reality is that tons of NON-Florida Men and Women make their way down here only to succumb to the magical *stupid* powers that this peninsula possesses. Obviously, the internet is the only true source for those not living in Florida to seek and find Florida Man. Google handles the rest. Like, “What’s the most love-related google search for the state of Florida? Good job, Sunshine State. It’s California, New York, and Georgia that have some explaining to do.
  2. America’s Love Progress Report: The Pew Research Center is one of the foremost research think tanks in the entire world, stratosphere, and beyond. If you aren’t following them or Brookings Institute or ANY think tank that produces research for the masses, then you’re simply not doing it right. Just remember, Tina Turner asked one of the greatest questions known to the human race. “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” applies in so many ways, especially in states where if the situation doesn’t work out, you realize it was a business merger disguised as a fairy-tale, but for now, folks still think it’s the #1 reason they need to get hitched. Just remember, you were in love perhaps *several* times before you went to the altar with the “right one.” Just sayin’…
  3. I Barely Even Know Who You Are Anymore: HOPEFULLY YOU NEVER have to hear these words in an actual relationship, but when it happens in the recruiting world, and happens often it does, how and when is it time to turn and walk away?
  4. CATFISH: It’s Not What’s For Dinner: Welp. The only thing better than this little ditty would be for Manti Te’o to sing the song. The song of a major national site getting catfish’d and for the world’s cosmic forces that control irony for it to surface on Valentine’s Day. This story is just starting to make its rounds, so this isn’t the last you’ll hear about it. OOOOOOPS:
  5. YOU ARE NOT MY VALENTINE: What’s better than Kevin Knox soaring through the air, dunking on Ben Simmons you ask? Well, Kevin Knox dunking on Ben Simmons as covered by the New York Knicks’ Twitter account in French.