The 5 Things You Need To Know For February 13, 2019

Today’s 5 is brought to you by Mother Nature. Turn to Mother Nature for all your climatological confusion in the Sunshine State. If it’s Fall or Spring you seek, just wait till Winter. Check out Mother Nature today where supplies are sold! On to the 5…

  1. That’s Some Wine Mixer: MLB Clubs are simply not springing hard enough anymore. Here’s a quick tour of the Chicago Cubs Spring Training site from 1921-1951 on Catalina Island to get you through your dreary humpday.

2. That’s MY Turf, Buddy: Here’s a fun little way to spend some cross-curricular time with the family or friends. Below is a link to SB Nation’s map of collegiate football empires through the last 150 years. Half the fun of this is arguing who are the British, the Mongols, Russians, or even Spanish, or for those ultra-historically inclined, try and figure out who the Qing’s, Ming’s, Han’s, and Hapsburg’s are. Nerds unite!

3. When Keepin’ Real Goes Wrong: Social Media 101. Do not ask anybody for their opinions on Social Media. That concludes are lesson today. That’s free game, Kirk Cousins. Well played, those who responded.

4. You Serious, Clark?: What. Exactly. Are we supposed to call them if this three-ring circus gets approved? And to think some of y’all make jokes about the Jaguars. 2019 is wild, y’all.

5. Now, that’s DOPE: This is pretty awesome if you haven’t seen it. This is history of all sorts.