The 5 Things You Need To Know For August 28, 2019

We’re halfway home to the weekend, folks. Hold on for a little while longer, the light is at the end of the tunnel!

  1. A TRADITION LIKE ANY OTHER: Scene: In our best Jim Nance voice while the piano plays: “The fields are coated with water from the Heavens, the climatological experts are once again stymied by a force that’s greater than their feckless computers, and the gladiators may play Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday, or not at all. Who knows? Hello friends, and welcome to a tradition unlike any other in Florida, welcome to high school football season.” End scene. We are currently tracking any reschedules that may happen and as of midday today (Wednesday) the following games have been moved to Thursday: West Oaks Academy at Zephyrhills Christian will kickoff at 7:30 and Lake Gibson at Kathleen will kick at 7:30 as well. We also have word that Ridge Community at Lake Wales has been moved to tomorrow, as well as Tenoroc at Mulberry. Both are 7:30pm kickoffs. We also have word that Northside Christian at Carrollwood Day has been moved to Thursday at 7:30. We will keep you abreast of the situation as it unfolds and you can check the BCP Twitter account throughout. For what it’s worth, Miami-Dade has already moved the Carol City vs. Northwestern game at Traz Powell Stadium has been moved to tomorrow night from Saturday. If you’re actually sick and tired of the “experts” at that one station named after THE ONE JOB they’ve got, then go to a better source. On Twitter, it’s @NHC_Atlantic and on the web it’s
  2. WHERE THERE IS A WILL (OR A JAMES), THERE IS A WAY: James Blackman will make the start for FSU against Boise State on Saturday night up in Jacksonville, and with it, he will have the entire town of Belle Glade on his back. You would be hard-pressed to find a more prideful town in this state or even country when it comes to its Glades Central Raiders and their babies that make it out. As you’ll see in this thread from ESPN’s Andrea Adelson, Blackman didn’t fret when he didn’t get the starting job. He got back to work and to winning his teammates trust for the future. He also didn’t have a QB guru to help him. He actually had Tom Brady, well sort of. Read these thoughts from Adelson here:

3. SAY WHAT NOW? Ahhhh the NCAA is at it again. Unless you represent the blue-bloods like Ohio State, Georgia, Southern Cal, or even Miami, you don’t get the same treatment. You get the long-arm of the law. Here’s a brief synopsis about the case of Brock Hoffman. His mother has a brain tumor removed. He transfers back home to Virginia Tech and requests immediate eligibility. The NCAA asks that if she was so sick, then why didn’t she retire from her job? (They actually did that.) Family declares they have $1 million in medical bills and cannot ford to simply retire. NCAA then says no dice and case closed. Read more—->

4. JUST STAY THE COURSE, YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Terrell Davis’ lack of ability to speak Japanese is the reason why he’s in Canton. Full stop. Yes, you heard that correctly, and of course, there’s more to this story, but you need to read this today. There’s a metaphor and there’s symbolism in this story that applies to all of us. Most importantly? The lack of technology available at the time saved his entire arch in this world from becoming a flat circle.

5. WE HAVE FOUND OUR SECRET WEAPON: Here’s an idea. We will put American Heritage Plantation’s Earl Little Jr. out in front of Hurricane Dorian. You can bet he will intercept it’s path.