Spring Practice: Sickles

Brian Turner, Sickles Head Football Coach

Sickles High (Tampa, FL) –

When I arrived, the Gryphon’s were separating into offensive and defensive install sessions.  Coach Tuner looked like he was 25 again, joking around with the kids and Coach Karsen had the defense moving around.  The Gryphons have the best looking defensive and offensive fronts I have seen this May.  Note: I have only been to 6 practices, but they look pretty healthy up front.  Carey White, graduating Sickles RB has a younger cousin who is a defensive lineman who looks like he could order everything off the value menu at Wendy’s while chasing down the ball carrier.  Strong, quick defensive lineman who will help Sickles cause havoc.  Over the ball was a NT, last name “Soba”, this “Son of a gun” has a chance; 6-1, 275lbs…”Boy O’ Boy”.  Gaither QB, Shug Oyegunle has a 1st cousin who plays a Sickles by the name of Adekunle Olusanya (don’t try and say it, they call him AK).  This kid will be the next hottest safety, 2013 prospect in the area.  There was plenty of teaching, some “What the hell are you doing son” and an ocasionnal “Get ’em out”, but it wouldn’t be football if the coaches were not demanding and setting expectations for their players.  The best thing about the Gryphons practice was that I came away with the impression that the kids think they can win.  They have a bit of an attitude and a “ish” to them that I liked.  Shoot, I came away sayin “These suckas may surprise some folks”.  I’m excited to see what the Green Boys will do this Spring.  Oh yea, they play Gaither for the jam.