Spring Practice: Gaither

Gaither High (Tampa, FL) –

Like everyone has always said, Gaither can be a big time program, the Plant High of the North.  Lots of bodies out there today.  The first glaring observation was how much coaching experience was out there.  Many different coaches who have coached at a few places and know their stuff.  Shug, the rising junior QB, is a great looking kid.  I’m not gonna try to spell his last name right now and I’m too lazy to look it up, but he is very smooth and fast.  Right now, it looks like the Cowboys need a legit RB to compliment Shug.  They could have a guy that will double as a RB or

Shug Oyegunle, Gaither, QB

missed practice for some reason, but if they do have a guy that can is a legit threat, side by side with Shug, it could be trouble.  Man I wish Josh Scarberry was 6-0ft.  I am a big fan of that joker and if he was taller, schools would be all over him.  He will anchor a good looking LB crew with a junior and sophomore by his side.  Both kids have a good frame and the DC is very excited about them.  The secondary will need to be discipline.  A a whole, they will need to grow up real fast and grow together. The LBs will be strong and the DL should be adequate.  But pads are not on and I haven’t seen them in action.  The coaches had lots of energy and everything was timely.  Good start for the Cowboys.