Spring Practice: Plant City

RB, Dazmond Patterson and LB, Jalen Butler clash during blitz pick up drills

Plant City – Yes, Plant City is stacked.  The Raiders have a very good looking team from first glance.  They have speed and size!  Besides the obvious, Plant City has something that every team would love to have…a quality backup quarterback.  Nick Rodriguez took most of the snaps yesterday as the Raider staff limited Coney’s reps due to some minor soreness.  He threw the ball really well, controlled the huddle and managed the offense.  Many teams at this point are looking for starting QB as the Raiders have two of them.  I was really impressed with the tempo of practice.  Coach Ward and staff were upbeat and excited to be out there with the kids. There was little down time and every segment of practice started and ended when clock said so.  Defensive backs Sam Green and Antwon Armstrong make for an awesome tandem.  Many of the studs, including RB, Dazmond Patterson are offensive and defensive players.  There is a full back, which they call “Bus”.  The young man gained 4-6 yards a pop on the 1st D every time; 5-9, 230lbs…cock strong.  Good Day at 1 Raider Place.