Spring Practice: CDS and Berkeley Prep

Robert Davis, CDS, RB, 2013

Tampa, FL – The first thing that jumps out at you about Carrollwood Day School is the scenery.  The football field sits right on the lake, trees surrounding the sidelines and the low cut grass.  It is absolutely amazing.  The Patriots had about 25 kids at practice and 4 or 5 coaches.  Surprisingly, the linemen at CDS were larger than some of the larger public schools.  I think the world of RB, Robert Davis. To me, I see flashes of Barry Sanders.  He runs effortlessly! his burst is so fast and his feet are so good that he could make the argument for one of the best RBs in the county.  Deuce Gruden is a strong sucka and he can sling the ball.  He is a deceptively good athlete and commands attention.  I like the Dillon Floyd (WR) kid.  Just something about him.  He’s not super fast, doesn’t jump super high, but reminds me of a guy I played ball with at Notre Dame by the name of Jeff Samardzija (WR).  Floyd catches the ball well, runs good routes and has long arms which gives him an extended reach.  One kid that never came off the field was Andy Embody.  Small guy, but does everything…little bit of this and a little bit of that. Then there was coach Gruden.  I figure we have all heard the stories of Gruden barking out commands and being very active with his players. All True!!!  Coach Gruden had “That look”, was barking out blocking schemes and plays.  I can only imagine how he was with his pro players.  Good Stuff.  Head Coach, Lane McLaughlin has a good setup at “The Day”.  The kids seem to understand that even though they are a small school, they still wear pads and play the game like the rest of the schools.

Berkeley Prep, 2012, LB prospect, Schyler Miles chases down the ball carrier during team defense

Town “n” Country, FL – At Berkeley, I spoke with one of the National Champion, Auburn War Eagle/Tiger, coaches who was there looking at 5 star prospect Nelson Agholor.  Not many observations as I arrived towards the end of practice.  I really like LB, Schyler Miles.  He looks like a Big 10 LB, great body, 6-1ft ish and put together.  He runs down hill and seems to be very instinctive.  The Bucs have a 1st year offensive lineman, not sure of his name, that is 6-6ft, 300lbs…Huge! If the coaches can whip him into shape, he can be a gem for some college program.  Berkeley’s campus is spectacular.  It gives off a small college feel with the recreation fields next to the stadium, the bridge behind the school building and the prettyattractive athletic trainer (shhh).  All in all, Nelson is a stud, that goes without saying, Miles and Destin Nichols (QB) will need to be great for the Bucs to advance far.