Recruiting Mailbag: USF, spring game invites and test scores



Cody: Where can I find more showcases to go to.

BCP: Could not give you an exact location. We organize our own, so focused on the ones we produce.

Austin: Austin Lawrence, Osceola ATH, Signed to Jacksonville University!

BCP: That is awesome!


Chris Sanders: I heard from Napoleon Maxwell that he holds a offer from FSU & about to get one from UF with in the next few days would that happen to be true, get back asap please. I’m a reporter.

BCP: Only offers we are aware of are from UMASS and Virginia.

Tyson: What do most colleges want for your SAT and ACT scores if you have a 3.0 or higher?

BCP: Every school has different academic entry requirements, however click HERE. It should give you a good gage.

Joey: How good do you think East Lake’s Artavis Scott and Campbell are and are they good enough to go to the opening? I seen they both had a good combine.

BCP: SEE HERE We think they are pretty good. Both have potential to be 5 star prospects. Both are expected to receive “The Opening” invitations.

Derrick: Why can’t usf offer me?

BCP: Here is the tough “pill to swallow”…because at THIS POINT, you are not high on their recruiting board. Or they have a larger emphasis at another position for the upcoming recruiting class. Or there could be an academic issue. Or your style of play does not fit their system. Or they have players like you already on roster. TRYING TO SAY THIS, there could be several reasons. But it is not personal. If you are good enough, someone else will want you if USF does not.

Alex: I’m getting lots of mail from colleges with invites to spring games and summer camps. How do I know if they are really interested?

BCP: What a great question that so many kids would like to ask. Let’s answer this step by step.

1 At least they know your name. Some interest is better than none.

2 Colleges want to get kids on campus. It is a marketing tool either way. Maybe you’re not good enough to receive an athletic scholarship. But, maybe you just want to be a student and visiting that campus helped with you with your college selection.

3 Are the colleges in contact with your high school coach specifically about you?

4 Depending on your classification, have you spoken with any coach on staff?

5 Colleges who are truly interested, do their homework on you. They know your academic track record, extra curricular activities you are involved in, Facebook and twitter profiles, etc.

6 Have you compared or had an objective party compare your play to prospects a specific college has already verbally offered. For example. If you are a running back and UF is sending camp info and spring game invites and you are getting excited about seeing Gator mail come in, have you looked at film on Sony Michel? Are you anywhere as good as him or any other RB the Gators have offered?