Recruiting Mailbag 5/9/12 – 5/11/12

Bill: On average how many verbal offers does an FBS or FCS school make in a given year?

A: It varies. If a school has many needs to fill they will submit a lot of verbal offers, but if they have a fairly young team with only minor needs, they are likely to offer far less and only certain players they really want. Every school is different.

Max: Do recruits like to see the players who do everything right off the field, or the players whose technique or strength can still be fixed but play right?

A: Noone has ever been offered a scholarship for doing the right thing off the field, but plenty of scholarships have been taken away for players doing the wrong thing off the field. Most important thing is to be a good person, and keep your grades up!

Every college coach looks for talented, athletic prospects. Technique can be taught and skill can be improved. However, if a high school prospect has the talent and the technique, he has just made himself just that much more marketable. college football coaches look for two kinds of athletes: The elite players who can make an impact right away for their program and the good player who will produce/contribute in about 2 years.

Jordan:  I know I’m young, but I’m trying to start my recruiting I guess early, but anyways to help me out on that? How much will playing well in spring affect it?

A: You didn’t say exactly how young, but the best advice is to continue doing well off the field and working hard on the field and in the weight room. Keep your grades up! It’s much harder to pull an F up to a C than it is to just maintain an A, B, C average.

“How much will playing well in spring affect it?” Tremendously! First, you are trying to earn a position. Second, you want to impress your coaching staff so that they go to bat for you during the recruiting process. If you are the ability to play college football, your coach will work for you to help you get placed. Last, college coaches visit high schools daily, looking for talent. You want to be one of those talents that catches their eye.