Ravens have one in the nest: Jael Feliz

Fullbacks are not valued as they once were. The offensive schemes have evolved to implement more pass catchers more often. The more receivers on the field in various formations eliminates the traditional fullback position.

So, the H-Back, hybrid full developed. The player who could be a lead blocker, run the football and even catch passes from a detached location. Many times fullbacks, transition to linebackers at the college level and vice versa. Chances are this could happen to Jael Feliz.

As you will see in the film below, Alonso 2019 athlete Jael Feliz can play. Does lots of good things on film. Most of the film you will see Jael at the fullback position running through defenses, showing his speed, size and athleticism. Then, there are a few clips of him at fullback displaying great pass drops, read and react and closes to the ball well.

Here is the kicker: Jael showed extremely well at on June, 4th at E7TC. Each drill during the camp, he was stellar. His performance, like others prompted us to research his padded film to see if it matches up with what we saw at camp.

Conclusion: There are flashes in the film. He is young and with more snaps on the defensive side of the ball. He runs extremely well which is huge for linebackers playing against present day offenses.

We really like this young man. He has so much room to develop. The film gets better as it runs. Take a look Jael Feliz, Alonso, 2019 LB.