Pugh’s Views: Let’s Hug It Out

Wow. I’ve often heard talk radio hosts emphasize the show behind the show as being better than the actual product on the air. The same can be said for the circus that is taking place out of the public eye regarding transfers and the firing of coaches. Now I’m not a big fan of watching trainwrecks on TV, or in real life. Inevitably what people don’t realize is that while you’re getting your jollies off at the carnage, there’s a good chance someones life is being lost.

The worst kept secret in Hillsborough County is no more. The first of what could be several big moves this summer has been made. Darrell Richardson, a 6’5″ 215 Sophomore from Tampa Bay Tech is taking his services farther East to Seffner to play for what could be an even better Armwood team than last years that finished 4 points from an undefeated season and a State Championship. As one of his former coaches put it, he has a rocket launcher attached to his shoulder.

Whether it’s Richardson or Tanner Emmons (Josh Grady’s backup), the Hawks won’t need to reinvent the wheel to say the least on offense. Once Matt Jones figures out that he’s far more imposing running between the hashmarks at 6’3″ 220lbs than acting like the worlds biggest scatback, it’s a wrap for the teams around the county and the state. Armwood’s Defense may be the prep version of the ’85 Bears this Fall which could help too. While I’m thinking about it, I want to send some good vibes to Ronnie Thomas and prayers for a speedy rehab. Really hoping this young man gets back on the field soon.

Some of the things (even on our fine site) that get passed off as “news” quite frankly make me nauseous. Somebody care to explain the toilet tissue material that was in the Times yesterday regarding FSU and their recruiting practices in the Bay Area? Did the Times go and find the THREE BIGGEST closet Gator Fans and buy them a drink? I would say that James Wilder and Jordan Prestwood are serviceable, as well as we could see Earl Moore from Hillsborough there next year provided sour grapes don’t make it to the top. Rick Rodriguez’s quote nearly made me fall out of my chair though. Here’s a snippet of pure gold from The Times yesterday:

[“I haven’t seen anybody from Florida State come by,” Rodriguez said. “Usually all the schools come by, out of respect. I guess we’re not good enough for them. I don’t know. I’m real disappointed. Florida comes by, Miami comes by, USF comes by. Florida State doesn’t even show up.”]

Really?! Let’s be honest about something for a second. Largo is a “D” school that’s getting an IB Program because of it’s geographical convenience, not because of merit, and Pinellas County has seen the Graduation Rates of Black Males drop to 20% in the recent years. As someone whose spent time in the classroom in another part of the state experiencing the same attrition rate, I would say your program has bigger fish to fry my man than worrying about a courtesy visit from Tallahassee. In fact, the only visitors from Tallahassee that should be showing up on your campus are the ones from the high-rise on Gaines Street. Not that that would change anything because they’d simply call a meeting to say there’s a meeting been called, but you catch my drift.

And another thing, a courtesy visit would be a slap in the face to me. I don’t want your charity. Save that for the dudes with the signs at Dale Mabry and Kennedy. STOP IT! What good is a player to any school if they know for a fact (short of physically taking the classes for him) that he can’t get in? Or even worse, what if he’s not good enough athletically and it’s your ego that’s getting in the way, not his physical talents? What if they did offer, and you told the kid to go somewhere else? These things happen and shame on anyone for saying they don’t. Just be real about it, and try not to throw the “you’ve never played so how would you know” argument in my face. That’s about as intelligent as Will Hill’s tweets. Coaches have a thankless job, but sometimes people need to be saved from themselves. Slow news day I guess.

Coach Callahan from Armwood actually provided the best insight. It’s the product. Lawrence Dawsey is no longer selling Prius Hybrids. He’s selling Escalades on Dub-Deuces. For a reduced price. Although FSU isn’t Ivy League academically per se, they’re certainly not going to get into pissing matches with Ole Miss and Colorado St. for players. Sorry, but it’s business, not personal. They’ll come banging your doors down when UF, UM, UGA and USF’s names start popping up on their scouting profile. They’re not rocket scientists. Nomsayin?