Pugh’s Views: I’m Just Saying…

Well I’ve managed to get to week #2 without much incident. I’ll consider this a minor miracle. Don’t call the Vatican yet though. My mantra has been “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for years now”…fresh off the flu and just in time to dump my problems on to someone else! Yeah me.

You know if I was a conspiracy theorist (and I’m not, I just happen to really enjoy watching those people that are), I could have a field day reading between the lines during one of the ‘Blue Tide’s’ classic chants last night during the Jesuit game versus Tampa Catholic. Every time Freshman Forward Chivarsky Corbett (who happens to be the starting QB for the Varsity Football Team) received the ball, the students were yelling “Plant!, Plant! Plant!” I could be way off-base here, but needless to say I was a little confused, and that wasn’t from the numerous concussions from soccer. Just saying.

Speaking of soccer, I saw where North Korea is playing Iran this weekend. How in the name of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton am I supposed to get anything done this weekend knowing many answers to our problems could be solved by some sort of “accident” occurring? I mean, where’s the English Hooligans when you need them the most? A pint of Boddington’s and a greasy bag of curry chips says we could get one of our mates from across the pond to handle some bidness. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! But I digress…

There’s a *cough* debate going on concerning the upcoming class of Quarterbacks from across the ocean (as Lamar Thomas would say) in Pinellas County versus the high and mighty from the ‘Borough. It’s an argument that should be had, but right now I’d give the SLIGHT edge to the Top 3 from the Hills versus the Pie. The OVERALL strength from top to bottom would go to Pinellas though. At this point, I’d take Bennie Coney (Plant City), Greg Windham (King), and either Chase Litton (Wharton) or Shug Oyengule (Gaither) over Louis Pappas of Tarpon Springs, Gray Crow of Countryside, and Peter Dinovo of East Lake. I would advise that this has just as much to do with supporting casts as anything else though. Time will tell, and it’s a close one.

While I’m thinking about it, let’s address something regarding transfers. It’s about as laughable as Ted Williams having a chance at normalcy following his trip from the streets to the set of Oprah and Dr. Phil to think that anybody can match the amount of movement that goes on in Hillsborough especially during this time of year. I’m not throwing stones because, well it’s good for business, but some of the good folks on here should probably ease off with the notion that somehow 4 QB transfers in the past 4 years in Pinellas is some sort of epidemic. Last time I checked 4 transfers in Hillsborough is called Tuesday in July. I mean, Cecil Newton could become the preps version of Scott Boras in a place like this. Just saying.

Finally, I want to welcome everyone in advance on March 26th to the Inaugural ‘Notre Dame Days’ event in conjunction with the BHSN/BCP Combine at Skyway Park. Last count, there were 5 Golden Domers penciled in for the extravaganza. Activities will include learning how to run onto the field while simultaneously refusing to answer questions about joining a conference, how to influence the minds of really big lineman convincing them that South Bend has better “talent” then Tallahassee, as well as learn the finer points of getting into fights with “townies” and making it back before curfew in the snow. JUST KIDDING PJ. This is going to be epic, and in all seriousness may become the premier Combine in this area in the coming years. Now what’s that tagline I’m looking for?! Oh yeah. Just saying.